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The practice since 1973 has changed as follows:

1973 - Dr. Max Wallis retired. Dr Hugh Pihlens came. Drs Kennedy & Pihlens.

1979 - Dr Jerry Bray joined the practice - Drs Kennedy, Pihlens & Bray.

1980 - Dr. Kennedy retired. Dr Robin Dunn joined - Drs Pihlens, Bray & Dunn.

1980 - Large extension to the surgery building. The office was much enlarged, a common-room was added, as well as a treatment-room and office for the health visitors.

1981 - Appointment system introduced.

1981 - Dr Lois Pihlens started part-rime work at the surgery.

1982 - Computer system introduced.

1986 - Dr. Peter Hetherington joined the partnership - Drs. Pihlens, Bray, Dunn, & Hetherington.

1973 - Major extension to the surgery - nearly doubling the size.

1989 - John Harington Hawes appointed as first Practice Manager.

2001 - Dr Helen Dace joined the partnership - Drs Pihlens, Bray, Dunn, Hetherington & Dace.

2002 - Dr Lois Pihlens retired.

2004 - New GP Contract came into force. Responsibility for out-of-hours services was taken over by the Primary Care Trust, who set up Westcall, based at Newbury Hospital.

2004 - John Harington Hawes retired - Ian Barnes appointed.

2004 - Dr Niti Sodhi joined the partnership Nov 2004.

2006 - Drs Pihlens & Bray retired - Dr Alex Anderson appointed Jul 2006.

2007 - Dr Dunn retired. Dr Sarah Bruen joined in Jun 2007. Ian Barnes left, Mike Hall came as Practice Manager.

2009 - Dr Andrea Clark joined Sep 2009

End 2011 - Dr Bruen and Dr Clark left the practice

Jan 2012 - Dr Ellora Evans joined the partnership, which became: Drs Hetherington, Dace, Sodhi, Anderson and Evans.

Mar 2015: Dr Dace resigned.

Jul 2015: Dr Emma Alcock joined - Drs Hetherington, Sodhi, Anderson, Evans and Alcock. Repeat Prescriptions can now be sent electronically to patients' nominated pharmacy.

Sep 2015: The admin team were: Mike Hall (Practice Manager); Sian Robertson (Office Manager); Janette Kersey (Patient Services Manager); Theresa Baggott (Read Coder/Admin); Joanne Ulry (Receptionist/Admin); Sharon Stone (Receptionist/Admin); Loren Franklin (Receptionist/Admin/Medical Sec); Liz O'Donnell (Medical Sec/Receptionist); Kay Walker (Receptionist/Admin); Debbie Savin (Enhanced Services/Receptionist); Michelle Whiting (Receptionist/Admin); Donna Rothwell (Receptionist/Admin)

Autumn 2015: Dr Peter Hetherington retired Oct 2015. Practice Manager Mike Hall left.

Jun 2018: Dr Alex Anderson retired.

In July 2018 the Healthcare Team included:

Doctors: Dr Niti Sodhi, Dr Ellora Evans, Dr Emma Alcock, Dr Rachel Rowe, Dr Sophie Conroy

Practice Manager: Mike Hall
Office Manager: Sian Robinson
Practice Nurses: Averil Chadwick, Katie Halls, Rebecca Herbert and Nikki Tuttle (also Phlebotomist)
Medical Secretary: Elizabeth O'Donnell
Receptionists: Theresa Baggott (also Summarising and Read Coding), Jo Ulry, Sharon Stone, Loren Franklin (IT Co-ordinator), Kay Walker, Sonya Westbury and Treeza Condon. Apprentice: Faith Brew
Community Staff Nurses Helen Pepperday and Sophie Pepper
Community Nursing Sisters: Suzanne Lowrie and Felicity Mahmoudi
Community Psychiatric Nurse: Sharon Elson
Sue Ryder Nurse: Suzie Mott

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