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Various records are available relating to the early licensees of Hungerford (and Charnham Street, which was, of course in Wiltshire).

1563 Extract of Wine Licence (Berks RO E176/2/155):

This Indenture triptite made the 27th day of July in the 12th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God of England ....... Between Richard Ellis of Westham in the Co. of Essex, gent Deputy and Assign of Edward Horsey ....... And Henry Edes of Charnham Street in the County of Wilts, vintner, of the second part .... And John ... [a list of names squashed over the line] witnesseth that where the said Henry Ede hath since the six and 20 day of September in the 8th year of the reign of our said Sovereign Lady until the day of delivery hereof used had & ..?.. one tavern or wine cellar within the said street without lawful warrant or authority and hath bought sold and uttered therein gross and retail by less or greater measure the number and quantity that is to say 8 tonnes of all kind of wines at greater and higher prices than be limited and appointed by the Statute made in the 7th year of the reign of our late King Edward Sixth & other laws and statutes of this Realm contrary to the term intent ......

By reason whereof the said Henry Ede hath incurred the dammage of the pains penalties and forfeits contained in the same laws and statutes thereby forfeited to our Sovereign Lady a diverse and great sum of money being demanded by the extremity & severity of the said laws & statutes might and would be to the utter undoing of the said Henry Edes Nevertheless sums of money for their discharge as by her trusty and well belove servant Edward Horsey or his deputy ... shalbe compounded .. ..... 6s 8d.

1577 Certificate of Inns, Taverns and Alehouses (PRO SP12):

- 1 innholder - John Dollman
- 1 vintner - Robert Mylles, gent
- 7 tiplers - Clement Crapon, Robert Pyltell, George Bradford, Agnes Jeyne, Widow ..?.., Widow ..?.., Joane Broke.

1583 Wine Licences (PRO C.238/1):

- 1583 - Alice Muylles and Elizabeth Elston (daughter), vintners

1584 Wine Licences (PRO C.238/9):

- 1584 - Nicholas and Ursula Custys

1586 Wine Licences (PRO C.238/26):

- 1586 Edward and Edward (son) Collyne

1593 Extract of Wine Licence (PRO C238):

"This Indenture Triptite made the second day of July in the five and thirtieth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England ........ Between Walter Raleigh of Collyton Raleigh (now Colaton Raleigh) in the County of Devon, Esquire on the one part and Nicholas Custys of Hungerford and Ursula his wife of the other part, witnesseth that whereas our said Sovereign Lady the Queen's Majesty by her Letters Patent bearing date at Westminster the 20th day of August in the 3Oth year of Her Majesty's reign for divers considerations comprised and contained in the said Letters Patent, hath given granted full and free liberties, licence, power and authority unto the said Walter Raleigh his deputies and assigns and entry of them during the term of 21 years, for such considerations and sums of money to be paid and to their own only use, as to him or any of them shalbe thought most meet and convenient, by writing tripertite indentures ....."

1616 Lenten Recognicances (PRO E180):

- John Ball, Hungerford - labourer
- William Baynton, Hungerford - vitler (sic!)

1620 Lenten Recognicances taken in Wiltshire (PRO E18/145):

Recognicances taken before Anthony Hungerford, knight, JP, at Marlborough 8 March:

- Charnham Street: 3 inns, 3 alehouses:

No 187: William Ivyn of Charneham Street, alehouse keeper.
Sureties: William Stockwell, yeoman, Richard Edmonds, husbandman,
both of the same. (Norman Hidden added "?Green Dragon")

No 189: Robert Gibbs of Charneham Street, alehousekeeper.
Sureties: John Purton and William Ivyn, alehousekeepers, both of the same.

No 191: John Purton of Charnhamn Street, alehousekeeper.
Sureties: William Ivyn, husbandman and Robert Gibbs, alehousekeeper,
both of the same.

No 194: Edward Collison of Charnam Strete, innkeeper.
Sureties: John Cooke, innkeeper and John Hatte, yeoman, both of the same.

No 199: Thomas Langfield of Charamstreete, innkeeper.
Sureties: Robert Curty, yeoman and Thomas Garmye, butcher,
both of Hungerford.

No 196: John Cooke of Charnamstreet, innkeeper.
Sureties: Edward Collison, innkeeper and Ingram Winkworth, yeoman,
both of the same. (Norman Hidden added "?The White Hart")

1653 Hungerford Borough Records. deeds concerned with the saleof manor and borough (Berks RO: H/MT) include the following witnesses:

- 16?? John Burche, beer brewer (H/MT 7)
- 1653 Nicholas Burche, beer brewer (H/MT 9)
In 1659, Nicholas Burche, beer brewer, was a trustee of charity (H/ZQ).

1668 Billeting Returns:

- Hungerford: 50 guest beds, 104 stables for horses
- Newbury: 133 guest beds, 240 stables for horses.

1756 list of licensees of 1756 (H/326/1) gives the following:

- Catherine Burton of Charnham Street (Surety: S..?.. Swierys)
- John Pike, Sen'r of the Same (Surety: John Pike Jun'r & Jos. Coxhead)
- Thos. Edgerly of the Same (Surety: Wm. Clements)
- Joseph Coxhead of the Same (Surety: James Ffield)
- Joseph Bird of the Same (Surety: John Sly)
- Edward Smith of the Same (Surety: Jos. Coxhead & James Ffield)

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