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The Tally Ho! at the crossroads in Hungerford Newtown was known as The Oxford Arms for most of its life, and may possibly have been known as The Woolpack before this.

Note: There appears also to have been an inn called the "The Malt Shovel" in Hungerfod Newtown in the early 1800s. The 1830 Pigot's Directory lists it as being in "Hungerford New Town", with Jonathan Miles as landlord, as does the 1844 Snare's Directory. The 1854 Billing's Directory has William Willis as landlord. The land on which Newtown School was was built in 1900 was called "Malt Shovel Meadow".

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19020000ca Map showing Oxford Arms 19020000ca Map showing Oxford Arms

- The Tally Ho!, c2009

- Plan showing The Oxford Arms, undated, c1912

- The Oxford Arms, 1912. [Tomkins, Swindon]

- The Tally Ho!, boarded up 9.4.2012 (Photo by Wendy Lawrence)


1830 (DP-Pigot) Thomas Bacon

(1841 (Census) Elizabeth Kimber, Innkeeper, Newtown (not definitely at The Oxford Arms))

1844 (DP-Pigot) John Davis
1847 (DP-PO Dir) John Davis (also blacksmith)
1851 (Census) William Hollis, Publican (not definitely at The Oxford Arms)
1852 (DP-Slater) John Davis

1854 (DP-Billings) William Holdway

1861 (Census) William Horne , Innkeeper (32), born Chieveley, Berks
1861 (DP-Census) Emma Horne, wife (22) born Avebury, Wilts
1861 (DP-Census) Elizabeth Horne, daughter (4m), born Newtown, Hungerford
1861 (DP-Census) Lucy Horne, niece (11), born Newtown, Hungerford
1861 (DP-Census) Robert Horne, Visitor, Cattle Dealer (39), born Venham, Wilts
1861 (DP-Census) Thomas Wiltmot, Lodger, Ag Lab (79) , born Ramsbury, Wilts
1863 (DP-Dutton) J Horne
1864 (DP-Kelly) W Horn
1868 (DP-Cassey) William Horn, publican and butcher
1869 (Kelly) William Thorn, The Oxford Arms and butcher. (Was this a misprint for William Horne?)
1871 William Horne, "The Oxford Arms, Publican and Dealer".
1871 (DP-Census) William Horne, Publican & Dealer (42), born Chieveley, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Sarah Horne, wife (35), born Theale, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Elizabeth Horne, daughter, Scholar (10), born Newtown, Hungerford
1871 (DP-Census) John Horne, son, Scholar (9), born Hungerford, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) William Horne, Son, Scholar (8), born Hungerford, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Samuel Horne, Son, Scholar (7), born Hungerford, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Henry Horne, Son, Scholar (6), born Hungerford, Berks/Census
1871 (DP-Census) Edwin Horne, Son, Scholar (4), born Hungerford, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Emma Horne, Daughter (2), born Hungerford, Berks"
1871 (DP-Census) Emily H Moss, Daughter in Law, Scholar (7), born Odiham, Hants
1871 (DP-Census) Elizabeth Caudle, Visitor, Independent (41), born Woodhay, Berks
1871 (DP-Census) Sarah Rosier, Servant, General Servant (20), born Ramsbury, Wilts

1881 (DP-Census) Sarah Waller, Licensed Victualler, Widow (60), born Ramsbury, Wilts
1881 (DP-Census) Tom Thatcher, Lodger, Farm Labourer (29), born Hungerford, Berks
1881 (DP-Census) Emma Horne, Visitor, Scholar (12), born Hungerford, Berks
1883 (DP-Kelly) Mrs Sarah Waller
(Note: In 1903 (Kelly), John Waller Horne, 'carman and jobmaster', was at The Stag Inn, now 31 Charnham Street, with horses and traps to let or hire. (In 1895 he had been at the Plough Inn in the High Street, where he hired 'waggonettes and traps'.). Was he a relative of the Horne or Waller family above?)

1887 (DP-Kelly) Isaac Pike
1891 (DP-Census) Isaac Pike, Landlord (56), born Ramsbury, Wilts
1891 (DP-Census) Mary Pike, Wife (53), born Ramsbury, Wilts
1891 (DP-Census) Emily Pike, Daughter (18), born Hungerford, Berks
1891 (DP-Census) Frances Pike, Daughter, Scholar (11), born Hungerford, Berks

1895 (Kelly) James Alphonso Winchcombe, The Oxford Arms
1899 (DP-Kelly) J A Winchcombe

c1900 Note that the land on which the new Newtown School was built was called "Malt Shovel Meadow". The origin of "The Malt Shovel" is not yet known.

1900 (Cosburn's Dir) W E Smeeton "Oxford Arms, Newtown
1901 (DP-Census) William E Smeeton, Publican (61), born Southgate, Middlesex
1901 (DP-Census) Sarah Smeeton, Wife (54), born Hemel Hempstead, Herts
1901 (DP-Census) Amy A Smeeton, Daughter (25), born Hornsey, Middlesex
1901 (DP-Census) Edith E Smeeton, Daughter, Scholar (12), born Hornsey, Middlesex
1901 (DP-Census) Claude E Smeeton, Son, Scholar (10), born Hornsey, Middlesex
1903 (DP-Kelly) William E Smeeton
1907 (DP-Kelly) William E Smeeton
1911 (DP-Kelly) William E Smeeton

1915 (Kelly) Albert Butler, The Oxford Arms
1920 (DP-Kelly) Albert Butler
1924 (Kelly) Albert Butler, The Oxford Arms

1928 (Kelly) Martha Emily Hamblin, The Oxford Arms
1931 (Kelly) Martha Emily Hamblin, The Oxford Arms
1936 (Kelly) Emily Hamblin, The Oxford Arms

c2009 Christine & Mike, The Tally Ho.
2012 Tally Ho closed to trading.

Jan 2013 Owners open "Hungerford Estate Agents".
See "Campaigners concerned as pub turns into estate agents", NWN 31 Jan 2013.
2013 Bought by local consortium, major refit.
Nov 2013: Tally Ho! re-opened. See "Community pub opens this week", NWN 7 Nov 2013 and "Cheers to the Tally Ho!", NWN 14 Nov 2013.

In 2018 efforts were made to sell the management of the pub to tenants. See "Community pub is selling tenancy", NWN 23 Aug 2018.

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