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Earliest information: 1753
Original estate: Priory of St. John
Common Rights? Yes (22 ft frontage inc 10 ft passage on north; 2 horses or 4 cows)
Date of current building: 18th century
Grade II Listed

This property is referred to in many historic documents as "Chapel Barn".

Thumbnail History:

All the properties on the "island" [1-7 Bridge Street] stand on land that was previously the Priory of St. John the Baptist, which had been established in 1232, and was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1548. In 1740 a new road incorporating two bridges was built for easier access to town from Charnham Street, replacing old road in front of Riverside House and through the ford across the River Dun (by Forge Cottage).

Quit rent 8d.

Allen -> William Mann -> William Coxhead -> John Coxhead -> Joseph Aldworth -> Samuel Plumbe -> Anne Hidden (milliner) -> Cattle dealer -> Cutler -> gunmaker -> butcher -> photographer -> watchmaker -> woolshop -> antiques -> various retail.

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. Late 18th century. Tiled roof with flanking chimney to right. Front rendered, side brick in English bond. Three builds – one block on street and further two blocks at right angles to form L-plan and along river bank. Front block: Two storeys and attic, central gabled dormer wide glazing bar sash to right with exposed frame and cambered head; Narrower blocked opening to left, with late 19th century front and door to left, fascia and blind box. River elevation: central block has slightly lower ridge. To left is a blank gable with blocked opening on ground floor. To centre and right, one glazing.

Photo Gallery:

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- Dun Gym,Sep 2014

- Advertisement for E Chapman, Gun Maker, Cutler and Ironmonger, Parish Magazine, 1871.

- Advertisement for G B Richardson, Gun Maker, Cutler etc, Parish Magazine, 1875.

- 1 Bridge Street c1914

- Parsons at 1 Bridge Street, c1914.

- Flyer at opening of One Bridge Street, Aug 2003

- 1 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

- Tonic Health Boutique, Dec 2010

- "Down from Town Bespoke Cake Company", May 2016


1232: Priory of St. John the Baptist built on the "island".

1548: Priory of St. John dissolved by Henry VIII

1740: New road and two bridges built for easier access to town from Charnham Street, replacing the old road in front of the Tannery (stood to rear of Riverside house) and the ford (by Forge Cottage).

<1753 ..?.. Allen

1753-61 (QR) William Mann for Chapel Barn, q.r. 8d

1774-1794 (QR) ??? Coxhead, for Chapel Barn late Allen's amended to William Coxhead, q.r. 8d.
1795-1804 (QR) William Coxhead, for Chapel Barn late Allen's, q.r. 8d.
1805-17 (QR) John Coxhead for Chapel Barn late William Coxhead, q.r. 8d.
1818-23 (QR) John Coxhead (deleted) Joseph Aldworth, for Chapel Barn late William Coxhead, q.r. 8d.
1832 (QR) Joseph Aldworth for Chapel Barn late William Coxhead (8d)

1836 (QR) Samuel Plumbe for Chapel Barn late Joseph Aldworth's, q.r. 8d

1841 (CS) Anne Hidden (millener)

1847 (CL) William Povey (owner); Henry Kimber (occ, cattle-dealer, later milkman)

1861 (CL) Isaac Shier (owner); Henry Kimber (crossed out); Oswald Leigh (30) (builder)
1861 (CS#1) Oswald Leigh (30), Builder

1869 (PO) Henry Chapman (cutler and gunmaker)
1871 (CS) Ellen Chapman (38) (cutler and gunmaker). See advert in Photo Gallery.

1875 (Advert in Parish Mag): George Richardson bought the business of the late H Chapman.
1881 (CS) George Richardson (35) (gunmaker). See advert in Photo Gallery.

1891 (CS) William Faulknor (50), butcher, wife Sarah (45), wife's mother.
1891 (KD) ?William Faulknor (pork butcher, Bridge Street).
1896 (CL) Devisees of Elizabeth Pearson (owner); Sarah Faulknor (occ).

1902 (T&M Register) Devisees of Daniel Allen (owner until 1968)

1903 (KD) William Smeeton (butcher)
1903 (T&M Register) William Smeaton (occpier until 1910)

1911 (T&M Register) Albert Parsons (occupier until 1917)
1914 (CL) Devisees of Daniel Allen (own): Albert Parsons (photographer) (occ) [It is said that Albert Parsons was unable to live in house after the death of his only son by drowning in Hungerford lock. He moved to 30 High Street (now Barclay's Bank).]

1916/17 (Mrs. A. Froom) Ernest Clements (her father) (watchmaker). [Mrs Ada Louise Froom, interviewed by LPP 28.2.1983 then at 1 Lancaster Square.] Went to National School, married twice. Parents were Ernest and Lydia Clements. They had five daughters: Lydia (b. 1900 – died aged 6 from whoping cough); Ada Louise (b. 1901); Winifred Frances Anne (b. 1905); Marjorie Mabel (b. 1909); and Lilian Marie (b. 1912), who became Mrs. Mundy, and lived in Dunside, 1 Bridge Street until 1994). Ernest Clements wanted a son! Ernest was an apprentice at Mapson's (30 HS) before starting business on his own in the front room of his first cottage (now site of Fairfields in the High Street). Moved to 4 BS c.1907 (rented from Freemans), and later (c.1916-17) to 1 BS (when Mr Parsons moved out after his son's drowning in the Hungerford lock. Ernest Clements never owned 1 Bridge Street; it was in trust to three brothers at Vernham Dean (were they the Devisees of Daniel Allen?). He worked at a bench in the front room, and went by bike, later motor-bike to visit the large houses, including Littlecote and Chilton Lodge to repair clocks. He looked after the Town Hall clock, and devised the mechanism to stop the night chimes circa WWI, previously thought to be impossible. Lydia Clements died in 1951, after which he retired and lived with his daughter Mrs. Froom in Charnham Street. He later moved to another daughter in Mortimer, where he died in 1954. [With thanks to Ernest's grandson Frank Smith]

See also:

- Family Group Sheet of Ernest and Lydia Clements

- Press cuttings about the Town Hall clock

1918 (T&M Register) Ernest Clements (occupier until 1968)

1954 John Earthy (and brother later) (watchmaker).

1956-c1985 Mr & Mrs Caleb Conrad Mundy (resident in Dunside to rear of shop).

1966-71 (Mrs. Froom) Shop sublet to Mrs. Norris (wool shop). (Previously at 6 Bridge Street, later 10 High Street).

1968 (T&M Register) Caleb Conrad Mundy (owner & occupier)

1971-1982 Trinket Box (antiques).

c1982-89? Bibi Harris Antiques. (Also at Church Street, formerly Neates saleroom).

1984 (CL) Caleb Conrad Munday
1985 (CL) Caleb Conrad Munday

1988 Bibi Harris Antiques (Secondary showroom for main warehouse at The Sale Room, Church Street).

1991 Renovations.

?1991 "Pandora's Box", antiques.

1992 Graham Carr Antiques.

1993 Bridge House Antiques.
To rear is Dunside, Caleb known as "Caspar" and his wife Winifred Lilian known as "Lilian" Mundy who died 1994.

2000 (CL) Adam Smith

Aug 2003-2007 "One Bridge Street" [owned by Mrs Carol Daniels]. [The shop sold high quality crystals, rough, polished or as jewellery. It sold spiritual books, CDs, tarot and angel cards, also incense and organic essential oils. Unusual items are Venetian masks and quartz crystal singing bowls. The bowls have an uplifting effect on the vibrational energy of the environment and the human body, mind and spirit. Hearing is believing!]
2005 (CL) Carol Daniels

Dec 2010: "tonic health boutique".
2011 (CL) Matthew Setchell

Sep 2014: "Dun Gym" opened. (Specialist clothing - "Your style, your ego, your rules"). Closed July 2015.

Apr 2016: "Down from Town Bespoke Cake Company"