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19861007 Rotary...
19861007 Rotary Club Inaugural Dinner Ticket 19861007 Rotary Club Inaugural Dinner Ticket
19870127 Rotary...
19870127 Rotary Club Charter Night 19870127 Rotary Club Charter Night

- Ticket for Hungerford Rotary Club's Inaugural Dinner, 7 Oct 1986

- Hungerford Rotary Club's Charter Night, 27 Jan 1987.

Summary of the club:

The Rotary Club of Hungerford was formed in 1986 as a daughter club of the Newbury Club.

Initially, the weekly meetings were held in the Three Swans, later in The Bear, then in the Three Swans again, and now at the Royal British Legion clubhouse.

Initially, the weekly club meetings were held in the Three Swans, later in Riverside Suite at The Bear Hotel and returned to “The Swans” in about 2006. Today the club meets in Hungerford Royal British Legion in Church Way.

The club motto is the three Fs –namely Fun, Fellowship and Fundraising.

Rotary has a social calendar which consists of events held through the year ranging from BBQs to day trips and from travel holidays to quiz nights. The club also organises events to which the general public are welcome to attend such as St George's Day dinners, Family Fun Days, Medieval Banquets, and Antiques Road Show.

Fundraising events may be in support of a project, may benefit a specific charity, or may be run to raise general funds for distribution to more than one charity. Each year the club raises between £12,000 and £20,000, distributed in three main areas: International such as RFUK Polio Plus, Shelterbox, and the Zambia Project; National such as the British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Poppy Appeal; Local such as The Hungerford Play Group, The Bruce Trust and Hungerford Rugby Football Club Juniors.

Fellowship is achieved by taking part in group activities within the club itself or other local rotary groups. This has now been extended to include twinning with the Rotary Club of Fontaine L’Eveque in Belgium.

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