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Several reading rooms and libraries have been set up in the town over the course of time. The following is an expanding account of some of them:

Mrs Batt's Reading Room:

The Parish Magazine of February 1872 reports that "Some boys who are tired of playing in the Streets on Winter Evenings, have hired a room where they may meet and amuse themselves with Reading, Chess, Draughts, &c. Any contributions of Books, Newspapers, or Games, from friends who are willing to help them, would be thankfully received on their behalf by Rev G R Hogg, and at the Room, Mrs Batt's, High Street ."

(There were several properties in the High Street and Bridge Street owned by one or other part of the Batt family - it is not yet clear which Mrs Batt helped with this Reading Room).

Church House Library and Club:

This club was established in the newly built Church House (now Croft Hall) in December 1901. The premises included a library and reading room.

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Hungerford Newtown Reading Room:

When a new school - the Hungerford Newtown Church of England Primary (Aided) School - was opened in Hungerford Newtown along the road from the chapel in 6th December 1900, paid for by the great local benefactress Lady Pearce of Chilton Lodge, it included a commodious reading room for the use of the men of the village.

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Other reading rooms and libraries:

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