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The first mention of forming a football club was in the Parish magazine of November 1873. Those interest in joining were invited to send their names to M A Chilton, Esq.

In the end it was not until October 1886 that Hungerford Town Football Club was founded.

Matches were played on "the downs" (now Hungerford Common). In the early years of the 1900s the Club at this time was on the western edge of the town beyond Smitham Bridge, near The Orchard in Marsh Lane.

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football 03 192...
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19100000 Hunger...
19100000 Hungerford Football Team, Graystone Cup (Parsons) 19100000 Hungerford Football Team, Graystone Cup (Parsons)
Donald Tisbury ...
Donald Tisbury (Barbara Barr) Donald Tisbury (Barbara Barr)
Football Team (...
Football Team (Barbara Barr) Football Team (Barbara Barr)
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Football 18 1946-47 Football 18 1946-47
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19220000 The Hill Cup team 19220000 The Hill Cup team
19250000 Hunger...
19250000 Hungerford A (Challenge Cup) 19250000 Hungerford A (Challenge Cup)
20210328 09.43....
20210328 09.43.44 20210328 09.43.44
20210328 09.44....
20210328 09.44.41 20210328 09.44.41

- Hungerford Football Club, 1899

- Hungerford Swifts c1909-10. Winners of the Graystone Cup. Back row (L-R): Bill Withers, Joe Neale; George Neale; Roger Tidbury. Middle row (L-R): Mr Weaver (Landlord of The Plume), Hunt, G Willis, Tom Jessett, F Tidbury, O Sturgess; Front row (L-R) Archer, Archer, Rev Denning, Wilmott. [A. Parsons, Church Street]. [Kindly sent by Stella Sampson]

- Hungerford United Football Club, 1904-05 W Withers, Hunt, T Jessett, G Withers, Rev J Denning, H Chapman, O Sturgess, J Denning, R Hoflin, F Jessett, Tidbury, Wilmott, Archer, Archer.

- Hungerford United Football Club, 1904-05

- "1st Hungerford B.B.F.C. 1906-07". Douglas Wilmott (Front row, right). [Mapson & Son, Hungerford and Pewsey].

- Hungerford Swifts Football Club, 1908-9

- Hungerford Swifts v Hungerford Church House F.C. (Posted by W Champ 27 Oct 1908) [Joseph neale 2nd from left, front row; Rev Denning 2nd from left, 2nd row from back] [Kindly sent by Stella Sampson]

- Winners of the Hungerford Challenge Cup, 1911. Back row (L-R): Frank Well, Henry Reynolds jnr in cap (or Tom Wilmot?), Jack Wells.
Front row (L-R): Roger Tidbury, Douglas Wilmott, George Neale.

- Ramsbury Burdett Football Club, winners of the Hungerford and District Cup, 1912-13. (Kindly sent by Kathy Chamberlain, St Andrews, Fife, 2011)

- Hungerford Football Club, 1913-14 [Rev Denning in centre; George Neale 2nd left, back row] [Kindly sent by Stella Sampson]

- Married v. Single, 1921. The 1920s were years when sport features strongly in the life of Hungerford. Teams and matches were arranged with almost every combination imaginable. This photograph shows the teams taking part in the annual Football Club match between the married and single men. The teams are posed in front of what became the cricket pavilion – which is the old G.W.R. Savernake station re-used! Good classic G.W.R. style. A later cricket pavilion (which burnt down in 1963) was made from re-cycled packing cases that were used to transport the Waco gliders from the U.S.A. during the Second World War.

- The Hill Cup final (played at Newbury 1922/23. On left: percy Mundy.
Back row, L-R: Jack Hobbs, Maj Attwell, Vic Tanner; 2nd row: Les Wiscombe, Fred Noyce, Charlie Martin; 3rd row: Bill Killick, Jack Winsor, Don Harris, Phil Killick, Bob Crame; Front: Bill Geater, Sid Chapman, Reg Rosier.

- Hungerford A Team (Winners of Bedwyn Hospital Cup and Hungerford Challenge Cup, 1925-26). [A Parsons].

- Winners of the Newbury Cup, Hungerford Cup, Hungerford Tournament Cup and Runners-up Newbury League, 1928-29.

- Hungerford Football Club 1946-47. Back row, L-R: R J North, W Pricktoe, H F Noth; Middle: F Dennis, ?--?; Front: S Rosier, P Grant(?), R North, J H Robinson, May. (from Mr F Dennis).

- Ladies Football, 1956. (Back row, L-R): Marguerite Rosier, Dolly Radbourne, Freda Horwood, Margaret Moore, Ann Smith, Doris Ray. (Front row) Doreen Cobbett, Ivy Wells, Beryl Sanchez, Madge Scarlett, Rita Long.

- Donald Tisbury, undated (from Barbara Barr).

- Football team, undated (from Barbara Barr).

- Football Club, Mar 2021.

See also:

- "The History of Hungerford Town Football Club", Bob Edmonds, 1994 [HHA Archive N24]

- Parish Magazine, esp Nov 1873, Oct 1886, June 1892.

- Hungerford Football Club, [HHA Archive B47], including:

     Souvenir program 1975-76 Berks & Bucks Senior Cup Final

     Pre-Season Friendlies Magazine

     14.8.1976 v Chesham United, and

     16.8.1976 v Cheltenham Town

     Official Match Day Magazine 9.9.1978 v Willesden

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