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Two 14th century items from the previous Early English parish church are now displayed together in St Lawrence's Church - the Hungerford Effigy (normally attributed to Sir Robert de Hungerford (died 1352)), and the Indulgence Tablet from the Chantry of Holy Trinity (which Sir Robert had founded in 1325).

The elaborate monument with a long Latin inscription to his memory was restored in 2009 and is now mounted on the wall of St Lawrence Church, adjacent to the Hungerford Effigy. The restoration was the result of a consultation with Prof Brian Kemp, Reading University, who advised on the recovery and restoration of the tablet. The careful restoration has resulted in the engraving appearing more clear than might be expected for a tablet of its age - nearly 700 years.

The tablet is of limestone, and the inscription invites viewers to pray for Robert de Hungerford in this life and the next.

Transcription from the Latin Indulgence Tablet:

Whosoever shall pray for Sir Robert de Hungerford during his lifetime, and for his soul after his death, shall have 550 days of pardon, granted by 14 bishops while he was alive. Wherefore in the name of charity [say] a Pater[noster] (Lord's Prayer) and Ave (Hail Mary).

Through the power of God the Father, through the wisdom of the Son, through the mercy of the Holy Spirit, possessing a blessed life.

I believe
that I shall be raised from the earth
that in my flesh I shall see God my saviour
that God the father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God,
that this same God shall judge everyone according to his works.

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The Indulgence Tablet from the Chantry Chapel of Holy Trinity, 1325

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- The Indulgence Tablet from the Chantry Chapel of Holy Trinity, 1325

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