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The Post Offices in Eddington appears to have been established when the wall-box was installed in 1899.

Trade directories as far back as 1844 (Pigot) mention the Jessett family grocery shop in Eddington. The business passed from Francis (1844) to George (1869 Post office Directory) to Mrs. Jane Jessett (1877 Kelly), and c1891 to Mr. Frederick Jessett. The family lived in the house, behind which was the large bakery.

Other members of this large family owned shops in other parts of Hungerford:

William Jessett was beer retailer in Eddington in 1847 (Post office), 1850 (Billings).

Kelly's Directory of 1920 includes:
- Francis Jessett, the Sun public house, Charnham Street;
- Frederick Jessett, baker, Charnham Street; and
- Thomas Jessett, beer retailer, Park Street.

A photograph exists showing Sydney Jessett, a retired baker, with grey hair, standing opposite The Bear in 1941.

The earliest printed record of the Post Office in Eddington is:

1911 Kelly Directory: Frederick Jessett, baker, grocer and dealer in bottled beer, and Post Office, Eddington.

1920 Kelly: Miss Florence Elizabeth Jessett, grocer and Post Office, Eddington.

1939 Kelly: Jessett Bros, bakers and Post Office, Eddington, Telephone Number 94.

See the section on Victorian Post Boxes to learn more about the wall-box at Eddington Post Office.

Jessett's shop closed in the 1960s, and the property is now residential.

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- The Old Post Office, Eddington, Aug 2001

- Oxford Street Eddington c1907 with Mr Lewington's coal cart doing the rounds

- Jessett's Bakery and Post Office, c1909

- Oxford Street Eddington c1910

- Jessett's bakery supplied huge amounts of bread to the troops stationed on the Common during 1915.

- Post Office and bakery, c1920

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