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Curates and Assistant Priests at Hungerford:

(from the list produced by Rev Tagg, c.1970, with additions). The list is incomplete at present.

1778-85 Edward Meyrick
1797 Michael Rowlandson

Richard Homersham from Melbourne, Australia, emailed (November 2022) to say that he has found the will for a Joseph Hewer, dated 1800, which refers to his “second son John Hewer, Clerk, now of Hungerford in the County of Berkshire”. 
John Hewer, 1800

I have searched Ancestry, FamilySearch, the British Newspaper Archive, Crockford’s Clerical Directory  and your excellent Hungerford Archive but I can find no reference to a John Hewer in Hungerford.

The Rev. John Hewer was a schoolmaster and cleric, as his record from the CCEd database shows. However, while it shows no posting to Hungerford, there appears to be a gap between 1795 and 1812 during which he may have been in Hungerford, at least he was in 1800. Hungerford is not so far from his other postings. However, I cannot find him at Hungerford in either a clerical capacity, as a school master or in any other capacity.

(Note: We have no evidence yet to confirm that John Hewer was curate here-HLP)

1809-18 John Bradford
1835-37 Edward Hussey
1837-40 Edward Otto Trevelyan
1840-42 Wm C Edgell
1842-44 W S Davell
1844-47 Alfred Eyles Davies
1850-53 George Clifford Peak
1858-66 Robert Chilton
1860-64 William Joseph Baron (33 yrs), lived at 26 High Street with his wife Fanny Jane (nee Suckling, the same family that Catherine, Horatio Nelson's mother came from), their daughter Elizabeth (2 yrs) and son Horatio (1 yr). Curate of Hungerford and Chaplain of the Union. Elizabeth died young from smallpox. (Thanks to Jane MacGregor)
1867-69 J H Drummond
1867-68 W. Fraser Campbell (Vicar of Kintbury). Brian Sylvester kindly emailed (Jan 2024) to send a summary of Rev. Campbell's life, available here. He was Vicar of Kintbury in 1872 and died in 1886 at the age of 46 years.
1867-69 H M Patch, MA (Vicar of St M Charterhouse and Torquay?)
1868-84 W H Coleman (Rector Wootton)
1868-70 Arthur Hislop Drummond (then Curate at Long Compton, Warwicks in 1871; Vicar of Kempley, Glos, presented by Earl Beauchamp who had the gift of the living, 1871 - 1876 or 7; finally Vicar of All Saints, Boyne Hill, Berks. where he remained for the rest of his life. [Note: Fiona Cowell, great-grand-daughter of A H Drummond kindly emailed Apr 2020 to explain that his dates in Hungerford were 1867-69. [It is unclear why there is some overlap of curates in the 1860s, although they would have been involved running the newly opened St Saviour's Church, Eddington from 1868].
1869-70 Arthur Fearon (Rector Horton; Vicar Great Marlow)
1870-75 John Erskin Binney (Vicar Morebath RD; Vicar Summertown, Oxford)
1870-73 George Robert Hogg, MA (Oxon) (St Alban's, Holborn)
1871-73 Henry Footman, BA (Camb) (Vicar Korton, Canon of Lincoln)
1874-76 John M Tucker, MA (Oxon) (Vicar Syston RD)
1874-79 F F Smallpiece, BA (Oxon) (Rector Coveny)
1875-79 Harnett Ellison Jennings, BA (Camb) (Vicar St Clement's, East Dulwich)
1876-77 George Herbert Dry
1877-78 Harry Vivian Bacon (Rector Barrowden)
1879-82 Charles Lawrence Hawkins (Rector Kiddington)
1879-81 Arthur Fearon (see 1869 above)
1881-87 John Leslie Nevius Pheasant, BA (Oxon) (Vicar Kelsey)
1882-87 Robert Bruce Seton Watson, AKC (Chaplain Siena)
1884-86 Albert C R Freeborn, MA (Oxon) (Vicar Kidlington)
1886-89 J Talbot Gardiner, BA (Dublin) (Master Coleford School)
1888-88 Thomas Sotham (deceased)
1888-89 Shirley Bunbury, AKC (Rector Letcombe Bassett)
1889-95 John F C Denning, MA (Vicar Denford)
1889-94 William Watkins, MA (Camb) (Curate Binfield)
1893-97 Hugh Pierce Brown, AKC (Curate St M. Reading)
1895-97 J C F Brindley, MA (Curate St Austell) "late curate of Blundellsands, Liverpool, then organising secretary for waifs and strays" (Parish Mag Jun 1895)
1898-1902 John M WIlliams
1898-1900 Walter Boldero (Curate Newbury)
1901-02 G A Grace
1902-04 J E B Brine, MA (Vicar Cadmore End)
1902-07 Harold Wardley King, MA (Camb) (Cc All Saints, Reading)
1904-04 W C Haynes, MA
1905-06 E W Newmarch, BA (Curate Walsall)
1906-09 B James Boodle, MA (Curate Ringwood)
1908-10 T J Richardson, MA (Oxon), (Curate St Matthew, Sheffield)
1909-12 W Holland Stubbs
1910-11 A Collier, BA (Curate Rushall near Walsall)
1912-13 Archibald Davies
1913-16 Arthur Edward Allen
1913-20 Cuthbert Charles Trewhitt Waters, MA, CF (Vicar Buckingham)
1916-18 C H Mandell Jones (Vicar Eastbury)
1921-24 John F C Denning, MA, (see 1889 above) (Here assisting)
1924-26 J Hugh Williams (Curate Farnham Royal)
1926-28 W C Young, MA (Vicar Killbride, Arklow, County Wicklow)
1928-31 Basil Donald Gotto, BA (Vicar Lambourn)
1931-32 Edward Powell (Vicar Southwood-with-Limpenhoe)
1932-39 C C Elliot Inchbald (Rector Witteridge)
1939-47 R W A Dowds (Vicar Buckland, near Faringdon)
1947-49 Malcolm George Glenn Taylor, MA (Oxon) (Rector West Woodhay)
1950-50 G T Evans (Chaplain St Mary's Convent, Buxted)
1951- Charles Waller, MA (Oxon)

1982-84 Graham Foulis Brown (later, 1990-2015 as rector of Rotherfield Peppard)

28 Jun 2019-2022: Robin Sharples

Photo Gallery:

Arthur Hislop Drummond
Arthur Hislop Drummond

Rev Arthur Hislop Drummond (1843-1925, Curate at Hungerford 1868-70) (Kindly sent by Fiona Cowell Apr 2020).

- Rev A H Drummond (1843-1925, Curate at Hungerford 1868-70) (Kindly sent by Fiona Cowell May 2019).

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