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Private 18755 Arthur Henry Fairchild
8th Battalion (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Royal Berkshire Regiment

Local Information:

Private Fairchild was born in Picketfield, Wiltshire and enlisted in Reading. At that time his place of residence was shown as Hungerford. He was the son of George and Charlotte Fairchild, of Hungerford and was killed in action on Saturday, 27th May 1916, aged 25. He is buried in the Loos British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France.

Photo Gallery:

royal berkshire
royal berkshire

Regimental Badge of the Royal Berkshires

- Regimental Badge of the Royal Berkshires.

Regimental Information:

The War Diary reads:

The Battalion was in the front line at Calonne. The enemy attempted a raid on our trenches. Unfortunately a wiring party, which was out at the same time, under 2nd/Lieutenant L.A. Klementaski, was surprised before they had time to get back into the trenches.

Supported by the fire and bombs from the men in the trenches this party succeeded in breaking up the attack and inflicting casualties on the enemy. The fighting must have developed into hand to hand fighting, for the body of 2nd/Lieutenant Klementaski bears evidence of at least 3 bayonet wounds.

Casualties Killed: 1 Officer, plus 11 ORS, wounded 16 ORs.

Point of Interest:

It appears they bumped into a German fighting patrol that was probably been tasked to capture prisoners and as such would have been armed to the teeth. The British party although armed would have been burdened with wiring equipment. No men were posted as missing or taken as a POW in this action indicting that the wiring patrol put up a significant resistance.