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The links below comprise extensive records of most High Street properties. Many records date back to c.1470. This is an incomplete survey, subject to ongoing correction and addition. The intention is to establish a full chronological record of the occupancy of each house listed. These records have no legal status. Many of the dates noted are "spot" dates taken from estate surveys, Quit Rent rolls, Commoners' Lists, Trade Directories, Enclosure Award, maps, or other sources and may not indicate arrival or departure of an occupier.

There will be errors and omissions in these notes. If you find errors or can add information on any of these items please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo Galleries:

Follow these links for for many more old photographs of the High Street:

- High Street Photo Gallery (North)

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20220710 Market PlaceThe Market Place, 10th July 2022

West Side of High Street:

1 HS "North End" (Blue Cross & "Shine Down")

2 HS (Heart Song - Crystals, gemstones, trinkets and treasures)

3 & 4 HS (Tutti Pole Tea Shop)

5 HS (Vacant, Hungerford Haberdashery & M G Dods)

6 HS (W H Smith)

7 & 8 HS (WH Smith, Post Office Counters and Vacant)

9 & 9a HS (Hungerford Butchers and I.T. Repair Gurus)

1 Church Lane "Library Cottage"

10 HS (Gentleman's Barbers Shop)

12 & 13 HS (The Funghi Club)

14 HS (Co-op)

15 HS (Co-op)

16 HS "Queen Anne building" (Co-op)

17 HS (Gourmet Chinese Take-away)

18 HS (Hungerford Nails)

Demolished for Railway Bridge (West)

19 HS "Kennet House" (Russell Marshall & Fare Wise Travel)

20-22 HS (Portman, Vision Express, Knight Frank)

Town Hall and Corn Exchange

23 HS (Smarty Dry Cleaning)

24 HS (Hungerford Bookshop & Eliane)

25 HS (White Coco, Ladies Fashion)

26 HS (Antiques Arcade)

28 HS (Residential)

30 HS (Residential)

31 HS "Penny Savings Bank"

32 HS Old Congregational manse

Congregational Chapel (now United Reform)

33 High Street "Wilton House"

34 HS Residential & Hungerford Coin & Stamp Centre

35 HS Residential & Hungerford Coin & Stamp Centre

36-37 HS

38-39 HS

40 HS

41 HS (late "Cameo House")

42 HS "Old National School" (DHC)

43-44 HS (Moonlight Indian & Mr Fry)

45-46 HS

47-48 HS "Legends Barbershop" & vacant

49 HS "Plough House"

50 HS "Orwell House"

51-52 HS

53-54 HS

55-57 HS

58 HS

59 HS (was Snippet's Barbers)

60-63 HS

64-65 HS

East Side of High Street

Here is Salisbury Row

66 High Street

67-69 High Street

70-73 HS

74-76 HS

77 HS (Borough Arms)

78-81 HS

82-83 HS

84 HS

85 HS

86 HS

87-88 HS "Dobbins"

89 HS

90-93 HS

94 HS

95 HS

96 HS

97-98 HS (Ellie Dickins Shoes)

99-102 HS

103 HS (Below Stairs Antiques)

104 HS

105-106 HS

107 HS

108 HS (The Naked Grape)

109-110 HS (Hungerford Printing Company and  Marc Allen)

111 HS (Roger King Antiques)

112 HS (The Emporium)

113 HS (The Plume of Feathers)

114 HS (Nye & Co)

115 HS (Snippets Barbers)

116 HS (Bossom's Needlework)

117 HS (Three Swans Hotel)

118 HS (Roxtons)

119 HS (Costa Coffee)

120 HS (Red Cross Charity & "F & Class  Barber")

Demolished for Railway Bridge (East)

121 HS (now 120a) (Coffee #1)

121-122 HS (Parsons & Inklings)

123-124 HS (Mio Fiore Italian Restaurant)

125 HS (Boots)

126 HS (Crown Post Office)

127 HS (Newbury Bldg Soc, Helping Hands, JenningsBet)

128 HS "Faringdon House"

129 HS (Ashley Brow Bar, Hungerford Jewellers)

130 HS "College House"

131 HS "Bridge House"

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