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Follow the following links for detailed information about the Vicars of Hungerford between 1148 and 1681, written by Norman Hidden.

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1148-1381

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1381-1558

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1559-1640

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1641-1681

- Curates of Hungerford

- Clergy Photo Gallery.

Chronological List of all known Vicars of Hungerford:

1148–c1160 Ralph (Presbyter de Hungerford, witness to a grant of land from John de Folga to the Knights Templars, c1194)

1191+ Simeon

c.1220 Radulf

1220–1238 Richard

1301–1302+ Walter Job

1341+ William

1355–1361+ Thomas de Hungerford

? –1368 William Lovedore

1368–1381 Ralph de Baston

1381–1389 John Hognorton

1389 Thomas Shirburn

1390–1403 Hugh Werston (Wreston)

1403–1420+ Robert Napper

Ante 1433 Nicholas Rychere

1433 John Skillyngton

Ante 1447 William Knight

1447 John Howden

1447–1458 Thomas Acton

1458 Baldwyn Hyde

1463–1464+ Richard Berde

1475–1487 Thomas Holme

1499–1505+ Thomas Whitemore

1524 John Hakett

1547 Hugh Byrdman

1551–1554 Edward Toogood

1554–1557 Edward Beckett

1557 Hugh Bidname

1559–1562 John Clement

1562- 1591 Edward Brouker

1591- 1602 William Brouker

1602- 1641 John Wirrrall

1641–1662 John Clarke (Presbyterian put in by Cromwellian party)

1662–1670 William Hinwood

1671–1673 George Farewell

1673–1678 Robert Abbot

1678–1679 Thomas Bennett (also Vicar of Steventon; author in Lilly's Grammar, Oxon, 1673; buried Hungerford, August 1681)

1679–1681 Elias Carteret

1681–1725 Joseph Wells M.A. (died 3rd Jan 1726, aged 71. Buried Hungerford)

1725-1731 James Barclay

1731–1738 George Hawkins

1738–1766 Thomas Baker M.A. (Died 24th Oct 1765 aged 54 yrs)

1766–1793 John Clarke M.A.

1793–1798 Henry William Majendie D.D. (Lord Bishop of Bangor, and Canon Residentiary of St Paul's, from which he was empowered to hold the See of Chester, being translated to Bangor in 1809. His father (a German divine) held an appointment in the Royal Household of King George III and Queen Charlotte. His son (also Rev H.W. Majendie) was many years Vicar of Speen. He died 9th July 1830).

1798–1818 John Bostock M.A.

1818–1866 William Cookson M.A. (Also Vicar of Broad Hinton, Wilts from 1835)

1866–1894 Joseph Ball Anstice (Rural Dean of Newbury)

1895–1900 William Arthur Gordon Gray, M.A.

1900–1908 H.A. Sealy M.A.

1909–1924 William Edward Thomas "Tom" Gray, M.A.

Photo:people rev gray

Rev Tom Gray, Vicar 1909-1924. He was an active member of the Hungerford Volunteer Fire Brigade, rising to the most senior rank of captain, and skilfully managed to combine his 'dog-collar' with his fireman's uniform! The Reverend William Edward Thomas Seccombe Gray was always known as Tom. He was was much involved in the community life of the town. He was a very popular man and a keen sportsman, fishing and shooting being his special interests. Indeed he wrote a book on fishing under the pen-name 'Silver Devon' entitled 'Leaves from an Angler's Notebook'.

1924–1953 Harold Wardley King M.A.

1954–1974 Kenneth Tagg A.K.C.

1975–1983: Richard Kingsbury BA Hons.

See "Handsome cheque among farewell gifts to vicar", NWN Aug 1983

1984–1989: David Salt A.K.C.

1990- 2015: Andrew Sawyer A.K.C.

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Retirement of Rev Andrew Sawyer, 24th May 2015 (Photos by Tony Bartlett)

2016-present: Mike Saunders (and his wife Alison)

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- Message for Hungerford from Mike Saunders

- "A warm welcome to new vicar Mike", NWN 17 Mar 2016

- "New Vicar, Rev Mike Saunders" - photos by Tony Bartlett, 14th March 2016

- "Rev Mike and Alison Saunders" - photos by Tony Bartlett, 24th November 2017

- "Mike the Vicar's 60th birthday" - 20th July 2018

- "Installation of Rev Mike Saunders as Waterways Chaplain" - photos by Tony Bartlett, 20th March 2019

See also:

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1148-1381, by Norman Hidden

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1381-1558, by Norman Hidden

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1559-1640, by Norman Hidden

- Vicars of St Lawrence, Hungerford 1641-1681, by Norman Hidden

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