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A wonderful collection of 5,500 photos of life in Hungerford between 2006 and 2019.


Tony Bartlett and his wife Muriel moved to Hungerford in 2006. He had a keen interest in photography, mainly at that time on railway photography.

He started to take photos recording many of the events taking place in the wonderful town of Hungerford, and over the next 14 years he quietly and reliably attended key events in the town and became Hungerford's unofficial "official" photographer. He generously shared his great photographs with the press and with anyone who wished to see them.

The groups and events that Tony covered include the Town Council, the Town & Manor, the Chamber of Commerce and various traders in the High St, the churches, the Royal British Legion, Remembrance Day, military parades, the John o'Gaunt, youth groups, the Camera Club, HADCAF (Arts Festival) and the Town Band.

Tony's collection of over 5,500 photographs has created a unique and comprehensive record of Hungerford's life for over a decade.

In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, he decided to lay down his trusty Nikon and tripod and he kindly offered his extensive archive of photographs to the town. The Town Mayor, Helen Simpson, was delighted to accept Tony's generous offer, and after some discussion it was decided that adding the archive to the Hungerford Virtual Museum was the best way to ensure the photos were available to the widest audience.

Enjoy them! They are an amazing collection!

Tony Bartlett

Tony Bartlett at work during the
Carnival Parade, 2019 (taken by the Town Mayor Helen Simpson)

Tony Bartlett's Photos by year (click to select):

Main Events:

2006:  2 topics,  15 pics

2007: 11 topics,  54 pics

2008:  8 topics,  28 pics

2009:  6 topics,  32 pics

2010: 12 topics,  84 pics

2011: 11 topics, 73 pics

2012: 24 topics, 301 pics

2013: 26 topics, 425 pics

2014: 27 topics, 511 pics

2015: 30 topics, 421 pics

2016: 39 topics, 619 pics

2017: 40 topics, 559 pics

2018: 34 topics, 339 pics

2019: 32 topics, 453 pics


Summer Festival:







2012: 11 events, 100 pics

2013: 23 events, 261 pics

2014: 18 events, 176 pics

2015:   5 events,   40 pics

2016: 28 events, 168 pics

2017: 16 events, 165 pics

2018: 28 events, 255 pics

2019: 12 events, 170 pics

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