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L/Cpl Shears L.A.

Before the war, Les Shears lived at Inholmes Estate, Shefford Woodlands and was employed in Hungerford as a Solicitor's Clerk in the offices of Mr Ashley at Charles Lucas & Marshall.

Following the death of his father, the family had to move from Inholmes Estate and made their new home at 2 Atherton Crescent, Hungerford.

Les and his brother, Gordon, are well remembered as opening batsmen for Hungerford Cricket Club, where Les was renowned for bowling right-handed, but batting left-handed.

He volunteered for the Army in 1939 and joined the Ordnance Corps as a clerk, servicing with the British Expeditionary Force in France before being evacuated from a west coast port, possibly St Nazaire, before Dunkirk. He also served in North Africa, Algiers and Italy.

It was from Italy, whilst in Salerno/Naples that he was found to have contracted tuberculosis and was evacuated home in 1945.

He was admitted to Peppard Hospital near Henley but when after 13 months his condition worsened, he asked to return home knowing that his remaining time was limited. Sadly, he died on 29 November 1946 and was buried at Winterslow near Salisbury, the home of his mother. He was 31 years old.