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5337879 Pte Amor D.

Don Amor and his family lived in Faulknor Square, Hungerford. Before joining the Army he worked as an assistant to Mr A. G. Mills the butcher (9 Bridge Street).

Don joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment in Northern Ireland during the early part of the war. Since it was felt that Germany might find easy access into Eire, British forces were stationed there ready to occupy the southern ports to prevent this from happening.

Don Amor transferred to the 8th Durham Light Infantry for a short period before finally joining the Corps of Military Police.

On 24th November 1944 whilst on traffic duties, in what was regarded as a reasonably safe and clear area around Liegemen, Don stepped on a mine and was killed instantly. Wally Dennis, who was in the Nigmegen area at the time, came across Don's grave at the side of the road close to where he was killed and told me that at the time of his death Don was with the Devonshire Regiment.

Don is now buried with others killed in the Arnhem/Nigmegan war zone in the Arnhem Oosterbeek Cemetery in Holland.

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