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The Stories behind the names:

There are 27 names on the Bridge Street War Memorial recording local men who died during the Second World War. The original research into the stories behind the names was carried out by Mr Richard Amphlett. (There is a separate section covering the 1st World War Memorials, originally researched by Martin "Mac" McIntyre).

- W/O J F Alexander

- W/O W T Alsbury

- Pte D Amor

- Pte R W Cook

- L/Cpl E J Cottrell

- Pte R A Crook

- Pte R R Dixon

- Pte W G Edwards

- Sgt V W Evans

- Marine R M Gibbs

- Sgt J Henderson

- L/Cpl V M J Huntley

- Pte F H Liddiard

- Sgt C E Mayne

- Grdsmn G McKeand

- F/Sgt A R Morgan

- Pte A R North

- Marine A C Pike

- A/B T Pike

- Capt P H Pinckney

- P/O F W Rogers

- Pte F H C Rosier

- L/Cpl L A Shears

- A/B L G Street

- Pte F H J Tucker

- Stoker D M Vyall

- Pte A D Walter

Additional names on the Primary School Memorial for Second World War:

- F/O E G Bell

- Sgt J Chandler

- F/Lt D J C Pinckney DFC

- A/B S C Pinnock

- Sigmn H C Wright

Additional name on NatWest Bank Memorial:

- Sigmn R C Davey

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