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Website produced and maintained for the Hungerford Historical Association
by Hugh Pihlens.
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"You are doing a wonderful job  tracking the history of times and people of Hungerford. Your website  is  great,
so accessible and informative."
(VH, UK, 2014)

"Just wanted to say how much and how well this site has grown. So much  wonderful information. Being Hungerford born (but now ex resident) I  always regard it as home and this site keeps it close.
Thanks again for all the hard work!"
(AJ, UK, 2014)

"What a beautiful site. Lots of hard work has gone into this, and it is really interesting to see the old and new buildings. Very impressed."
(TB, UK, 2014)

"Thank you for your time and effort to make this website. Your dedication and appreciation of the (local history) is truly evident."
(MH, USA, 2014)

"This is really to say I think you have a fantastic virtual museum. I have  used it as a resource for ages"
(RF, Curator, Market Lavington Museum, 2013)

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(BJ, UK, 2009)

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(KM, USA, 2009)

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Welcome to the Virtual Museum for Hungerford -
the website for all of Hungerford's fascinating history.

Read the stories behind  the People, Places and Events of the area.
Use the Timeline to follow events from the Roman period to the present day.
Try one of the Themed exhibitions, look at the Artefacts,
our Archive of photographs, maps and documents,
or Search for a topic of your choice.
Whatever you do, enjoy your visit!

There is no museum building in the town, but the Hungerford Historical Association
is committed to providing information on Hungerford's history by means of
this virtual museum. If you can help, maybe by allowing us to include artefacts
in your possession, or if you have any other comment, contribution or correction to make, please email the Administrator.

Hungerford, England, is a market town
 of about 5,800 people at the
Berkshire / Wiltshire border.
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Recent additions and updates:
Stype and Stype Grange
Sir Robert de Hungerford
First World War Memorials Oct-Dec 1914
First World War Commemoration
16 High Street -  "Hayward's House"
Bricks and Tiles

Significant Anniversaries in 2014:

1464 - 550 yrs since First mention of The Bear in Charnham Street
1689 - 325 yrs since Hearth Tax introduced - see the Hungerford records...
1814 - 200 yrs since the opening of the National School
1814 - 200 yrs since the re-building of St Lawrence's Parish Church
1864 - 150 yrs since the building of the Police Station, Park Street
1889 - 125 yrs since the repeal of the Coal Tax
1914 - 100 yrs since the start of the First World War - the "Great War"
1914 - 100 yrs since the new Post Office built in High Street
1939 -   75 yrs since the end of the Second World War
1964 -   50 yrs since the opening of the Open-air Swimming Pool
1989 -   25 yrs since the Archaeological dig at Undy's Farm

Significant Anniversaries in earlier years