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Significant Anniversaries in 2017:

1617 - 400 yrs since the Feoffment of the Town & Manor of Hungerford

1817 - 200 yrs since the "inconvenience" of educating girls in the Free Grammar School was ended - boys only again.

1842 - 175 yrs since the coaching era had collapsed after the opening of Brunel's GWR - only two Bath Road coaches per week through Hungerford.

1842 - 175 yrs since Westfield House School opened.

1842 - 175 yrs since the Infant National School built in Hungerford Newtown.

1842 - 175 yrs since Pigot's Directory gives a detailed account of the town at that time.

1867 - 150 yrs since Parish Magazine first published.

1867 - 150 yrs since serious fire at railway station.

1867 - 150 yrs since foundation stone of St Saviour's Church, Eddington laid.

1892 - 125 yrs since disastrous fire at Cottrell's Iron Works, Eddington.

1892 - 125 yrs since the old fire station in Charnham Street opened.

1917 - 100 yrs since plane crash in the High Street.

1917 - 100 yrs since many Hungerford men lost their lives in WWI.

1942 - 75 yrs since Croft Nursery School opened as a Wartime Nursery.

1942 - 75 yrs since Home Guard very active.

1942 - 75 yrs since many Hungerford men lost their lives in WWII.

1967 - 50 yrs since Albert Parsons, town photographer, died.

1967 - 50 yrs since Barclays Bank opened in Hungerford.

1967 - 50 yrs since Wooldridge's Builders on the Wharf closed.

1967 - 50 yrs since 1st Hungerford Scouts Group reformed.

1992 - 25 yrs since several "oral history" records made of elderly residents' memories.

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