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Edward VII died on 6 May 1910 at Buckingham Palace in London, to be succeeded by George V who was proclaimed king around the country in the following week.

In Hungerford, the celebration took place on 11 May 1910.

The Coronation was held on 22 June 1911.

George V visited Hungerford (and his friend the Hon John Ward at Chilton Lodge) in October 1912. Follow this for more on the King's Visit, 1912.

Photo Gallery:

- 2 photos of crowds assembled outside the Corn Exchange for the Proclamation of George V, 11 May 1910. [Albert Parsons]

- Telegram to the Constable, Dr Starkey-Smith, thanking him for congratulating King George V on his Silver Jubilee, May 1935

King George V
King George V King George V
King George V
King George V King George V
George V's Jubi...
George V's Jubilee George V's Jubilee

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