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There were two important iron foundries in Hungerford - Gibbons and Cottrell's. They became big employers, and both firms were known for the high quality of their work.

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19861100 Site of Norman's-Cottrell's (John Allen) 19861100 Site of Norman's-Cottrell's (John Allen)
Norman's Garage...
Norman's Garage, Eddington Norman's Garage, Eddington

- Cottrell, Rose & Co, 1903. There are at least 53 men in the photograph.

- Henry and Francis Tidbury in handcuffs, accused of the police murders of 1876.

- Catalogue, 1897, including Improved One Horse Cart - £15 0s. 0d. Award winning 'Climax' Elevator £42 0s 0d.

- Catalogue, 1897, including Builder & Contractor's Cart, and Brewer's Crank Axle Spring Cart

- Catalogue, 1897, including the award winning "Improved Climax Grain elevator"

Click here to see 10 more pages from the 1897 catalogue

- Eddington Garage, c1922. L to R: Jack Froom, Billy Norman, ??, ??, ??.

- ?inside workshop at Eddington Garage, c1922

- ?inside workshop at Eddington Garage, c1922

- Norman's Garage, c1974

- Norman's Garage, Eddington, undated.

- Norman's Garage, May 1985

- Looking towards Gibbs Builders, 1985

- Site of demolished Norman's Garage / Cottrell's Iron Foundry, Nov 1986 (John Allen).

- Total Service station, Feb 1988 [Ivor Speed Collection]

- Total Service station - near site of former Cottrell, Rose & Co Eddington Works

- Mr A G Mills sent a copy of this to the NWN in 1971, and said "The man on the left is Mr W J Sperring, managing clerk. Close to him is Mr Rose in the light cap. The man with the watch-chain is Mr Hilsdon, works manager, and behind him is Mr Coles, wages clerk. The bearded man on the right is Mr F Bates, a clever craftsman and sub-postmaster at Newtown. Perched up behind is Walter Lovelock, one of the best footballers Hungerford ever produced."

Cottrell & Co, c1869-1911:

The first Mr Cottrell (possibly Levi Cottrell) started the business c.1869. He developed the Eddington iron works, and in due course it was taken over by his son George Cottrell.

Kelly Directory describes them as "iron founders, millwrights, agricultural implement and boiler makers; patentees of the 'Climax' (gold medal) folding elevator and prize medal engines and water carts".

The Police Murders, 1876:

Two of their employees were notorious when in December 1876. Brothers Henry and Francis Tidbury, were found guilty of the murder of two policemen at nearby Folly Crossing. Follow this link for more on the Police Murders of 1876.

The fire at Cottrell's Iron Works:

A disastrous fire occurred at Cottrell's Works on 23rd December 1892.

The Parish Magazine of January 1893 records: "This fire must have convinced the most sceptical of the absolute necessity of an efficient organisation for dealing with accidental or incendiary fires.

Had it not been for the prompt and energetic action of the Fire Brigade with their powerful Steam Engine, the whole of the extensive premises and probably all the houses in Eddington must have been destroyed.

As it was, the damage done was most lamentable, and must be the occasion of considerable loss and inconvenience to the Firm, to whom Hungerford owes so much of its prosperity.

The fire appears to have originated in the foundry, where casting operations had been proceeding a few hours previously; and the flames rapidly extended to the pattern room, which contained patterns valued at many hundred pounds.

The casting stores were completely destroyed, and portions of the showroom and blacksmith's shop were also burned.

The damage done is estimated at £2,000. With his usual consideration for his work people, Mr Cottrell has arranged to find employment for those who were engaged in the casting and moulding departments, so that none will be out of work in consequence of the fire."

Norman's Garage, 1911-1970s:

After Cottrell's Iron Works closed in 1911, the site was used as a motor business, initially called Eddington Garage.

In 1922 it was bought by Bill Norman, and the business ran under the name of Norman's Garage until 1970.

Total Service Station, 1970s - 2012:

The site became the Total Service Station in the 1970s.

Shell Service Station, 2012-present:

The Shell Station opened in 2012.

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