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Next door to College House, 130 High Street was 129 High Street, where another school was held at much the same time as College House.

The 1851 census shows Sarah Balding (36 years) resident at 129 High Street, and she is described as a teacher.

By the time of the 1861 census, she is (miraculously!) aged only 44 years – but described as "schoolmistress". The Commoners List for that year records the owner of the property as John Platt (the brewer), who had owned it from at least 1847.

The 1864 Billings' Directory lists Sarah Jane (sic!) Balding running a Boarding School.

The Post Office Directory for 1869 includes "Miss Sarah Elizabeth Balding, Ladies Boarding School, High Street". It seems that Miss Balding's school closed soon after, however, as the census for 1871 describes the property as "Unoccupied, formerly boarding school".

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