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Mrs Webb's Hungerford Preparatory School at 18 High Street was typical of the dame schools in the early 19th century. In 1808 she advertised thus:

"To Parents and Guardians. Hungerford Preparatory School Mrs. Harriett Webb and daughter, of the High Street, Hungerford, beg leave to inform their friends and the public that they propose on Monday 9th. January next to open a school for the Education of Infant children, ages 3 - 8 in the first Rudiments of the English Language and Plain work on moderate terms. The air of Hungerford is reputed excellent and Mrs. Webb's house and garden are spacious and airy; and being herself a mother of a family she feels fully adequate to the trust and to provide for the comfort and health of her scholars, which she hopes to convince those who may entrust them to her care. Board and Education: p.a. £16.0.0; Day Scholars: p.a. £1.10.0 As no entrance money is required, a quarter's notice must be given on removal of a scholar. N.B. Vacations: Midsummer and Christmas only — 3 weeks each.".

Mrs Harriet Webb was the widow of Noah Webb. The Webbs owned what is now 18 High Street, as well as the adjacent property, which was later demolished when the railway bridge was built. It is likely that her house and garden, "spacious and airy" was the one which was demolished.

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- 18 High Street – Mrs Webb's Preparatory School was in a building later demolished when the railway bridge was built

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