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The Bell, Charnham Street. 1495. This ancient inn, The Bell Inn, Charnham Street, should not be confused with the Bell Alehouse, High Street.


1495 "Richard Choke of Avington died 27th October 1493, seized of a hostel called 'Le Bell' in Charlungstrete".

1560/61 (NH - Burdett Papers, Wilts RO 1883/118 (formerly in Berks RO T66)): Indenture, 20 January 3Eliz. Between Francis Chocke of Avington of the one part; John Brownjohn alias Browne of Idmeston in Co. Wilts and Arthur Pickeringe of Cheriton in Somerset yeomen, of the other part.

Francis Chocke to levy fines to John Brownjohn etc. in respect of the manors of Denford and Radley and Avington, the advowson of the church of Avington, the manors of Shalborne, a tenement called The Bell lying in Charnham Street, 2 mills viz: Denford and Dunn, the manor of Lockengton and Standerweke, Somerset, lands in Radnam and Horscrofte Co.Wilts.

The Bell and the mills (2 water, one fulling mill) are "to the use of Sir John Thynne and Henry Brounker of Stoke for term of 80 years fully to be completed; and the said fyne of all the residue of aforesaid manors etc and of the reversion of the capital messuage in anywise by these presents appointed in use for the term of years to John Thynne and Henry Brounker shall be to the use of Francis Chocke and his heirs male. Or in default of issue ....... finally if all else fail to the heirs of the body of Henry Clerke deceased, late of Inkpen, or those of Nicholas Sledge deceased."

1578 (NH) John Langfield Will. William Langford, Innkeeper.

1619/20 (NH Wiltshire Lenten Recognisances (PRO E180/45 No 194) 8 Mar 1619/20) Thomas Langfield of Charnham Street, innkeeper. Sureties: Robert Curtis yeoman and Thomas Garmye butcher, both of Hungerford, Berkshire.

1633 (NH Burdett Papers, Wilts RO 1883/118 (formerly in Berks RO T66)) 25 January 9Chas.I. Indenture between Francis Choke and Richard King of Westminster: All the manor of Shalborne, all meadows and pastures in Shalborne called by the several names of Polesdones and Hillcroft. Also all free warren and appurtenances in Shalborne, Bagshott, Rodnam, Horscroft and Wixendowne, manor of Avington and Denford, all the meadow called Broadmead in Kintbury and all lands etc. in Shorts, Barton Downe, Thoring Downe etc., fishing rights, the inn called The Bell ["messuage or tenement in Charnham Street, called The Bell and the houses, lands, tenements and other hereditaments thereunto belonging"].

1635 NH Burdett Papers, Wilts RO 1883/118 (formerly in Berks RO T66)) 20 April 11 Chas.I. Indenture between Francis Chocke the elder and Elinor his wife of the one part; AND Sir Gabriel Lowe of Newarke in Gloucester, Sir Francis Seymour of Preshut in Wilts, Sir William Hicks of London, Francis Choke the younger, and Anne Lowe, one of the daughters of Sir Gabriel Lowe, on the other part. (Marriage settlement). Properties as before including The Bell.

Further notes by Norman Hidden on "The Bell Inn, Charnham Street and the Free Chapel of St John, Hungerford":

Somerset Record Office: DD/POt 8 part 2: Deeds concerning the acquisition of the Bell Inn, Hungerford by Alexander Popham of Littlecote from Robert Rogers of Hungerford Berks, clerk and his wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Butler, widow and others. Referring to the chapel of St John in Hungerford, 1668-1668/9

1666: By indenture 10 October and 10 November 17 Chas.II between Elizabeth and Robert Rogers, of the first part; AND John Clarke then of Bagshot in the parish of Shalborne, clerk, John Stroud of Shefford Woodlands gent, William Butler of Hungerford Berks shoemaker, and Thomas Butler of Hungerford chandler, of the second part:
Robert and Elizabeth Rogers conveyed to John Clarke etc. all that late free chapel of St John in Hungerford Berks and Wilts;
And also one other messuage or tenement and outbuildings and backside and gardens in Charnham Street known as the Bell Inn; plus 6 acres arable belonging to the Bell, 3 acres whereof lie in Charnham Street and the other 3 acres in the common fields of Hungerford; plus one acre meadow in the common fields of Eddington Berks; plus 1 meadow ground in Charnham Street commonly called the Bell Mead containing 6 acres; plus 2 parcels of meadow ground in Charnham Street belonging to the Bell Inn. The persons of the second part above were appointed by Elizabeth as trustees to convey the messuage called the Bell Inn plus 3 acres arable in Charnham Field; plus 1 piece or parcel of meadow ground called the Marshes and containing 1¼ acres adjoining to the mill now in the tenure or occupation of Jethro Tull his assigns or undertenant; plus one close or piece of meadow or pasture ground containing about 3 yards adjoining to the backside of William Prince on the north side; plus also common of pasture for 1 cow in Charnham Street marsh and one beast or cowe's common in the said marsh; plus 9 sheep commons in Charnham Field. A yearly rent of 2 shillings and suit of court for the same to the court of Alexander Popham.

1668: Indenture dated 26 October (20 Chas.II): On dorse: Deed of appointment by the trustees of Mrs Rogers to convey the Bell etc. to Mr Popham.
There is also an accompanying document, bargain and sale Butler etc to Alexander Popham, 27 October 1668. Signed by Robert Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, John Clarke, William Butler, Thomas Butler, John Butler with all six signatories' seals. John Butler, the additional signatory is described as John Butler of Bedford, gent.

Dorse has signatures of William Burcombe and William Westall to the signing and sealing; and (separately) to the signing and sealing by Robert Rogers, Elizabeth, John Clarke, William Butler and Thomas Butler junior.  Witnesses: John Stephens, Charles Boote, Edmund Perkes, William Westall.

There is also an indenture signed by all six vendors, "to be enrolled"; also a receipt for £320 from Alexander Popham by Robert Rogers attested by Charles Boote, William Westall and John Fisher. 28 October 1668.

19 October, 1668: John Field of East Woodhay, Hants, tanner and Isaac Field of Hidden, yeoman declare that they have granted their rights in or out of the late free chapel of St John. Signed and sealed by both. John Field in the presence of Jehosophat and John Stephens.

Also indenture 7 March 1668/9 (20 Chas II): Stroud , Robert and Elizabeth Rogers to Alexander Popham.

On dorse: Memo that the Bell Mead and all the barns and house thereon standing be not comprehended within the general wording of the deed within written nor is to pass or be released thereby but is excepted thereout. Signed John Stroude, Robert and Elizabeth Rogers, attested by Charles Boote, William Westall, John Fisher.

Also release Butler - Popham, October 1668.

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