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This page includes only the more general views of Bridge Street.

Most photographs of Bridge Street are to be found in the pages describing individual Bridge Street Properties.

Photo Gallery:

bridge 1875
bridge 1875 bridge 1875
bridge street 1...
bridge street 1912 bridge street 1912
bridge_st_01 bridge_st_01
bridge_st_03 bridge_st_03
bridge_st_04 bridge_st_04
bridge_st_07 bridge_st_07
bridge_st_13 bridge_st_13
bridge_st_14 bridge_st_14
bridge_st_20a bridge_st_20a
bridge_st_24 bridge_st_24
bridge_st_25 c1...
bridge_st_25 c1920 bridge_st_25 c1920
bridge_st_28 bridge_st_28
bridge_st_30 c1...
bridge_st_30 c1914 bridge_st_30 c1914
bs02 stirlands
bs02 stirlands bs02 stirlands
bs16 bs16
bs117 bs117
bs108 bs108
bs110 bs110
bs106 bs106
bridge_st_08 bridge_st_08
BS136 BS136
BS138 BS138

- The Canal Bridge and Bridge Street, 1875.

- View from the Town Hall tower

- Bridge Street, looking south, c1900 [William Softley Parry, 4 Bridge Street]

- Bridge Street, c1903

- Bridge Street, c1904

- Bridge Street, stamped 24.12.1907 "Christmas Greetings" [DM]

- Bridge Street c1912.

- Bridge Street 1913 This card has a "X" marked on the Town Mill, and was addressed to Mr R E Roberts, 50 Keble Rd, Bootle, Liverpool, and said "Dear Dick, Thanks very much for your nice card. Shall I send you some like this in exchange for Liverpool views? I have marked out mill with a cross but you can't tell the size of it as it stretches a long way back and only one end is on the photo. I hope you will soon get a good post. Dick. [Phillip Collier, Reading "B622"]

- Bridge Street, c1912

- Bridge Street, c1912

- Bridge Street, c1912

- Bridge Street, c1912

- Bridge Street and Bear Corner, c1913 showing the Wesleyan Chapel, and the Tanyard Lawn on the right. [Albert Parsons]

- Bridge Street, c1912. International Stores on the right.

- Bridge Street, c1914 showing the street crowded by an outing - possibly the annual church summer outing.[Albert Parsons]

- Bridge Street, undated showing International Stores on the right (demolished 1920 for widening the carriageway, and creating the War Memorial)

- Bridge Street, c1918 Showing International Stores closed

- Bridge Street, showing Mr EW Munford at the door of the Printing Works, c1913

- Bridge Street, c1920 Showing the newly built War Memorial

- Bridge Street, c1920 Showing the newly built War Memorial c1920

- Bridge Street, tinted image c1920s (Frith HGFD2)

- Bridge Street, c1960

- Bridge Street c1960

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