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Earliest information: 1871
Original estate: Not known
Common Rights? No
Date of current building:
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

Batt (hairdresser) -> Perdue -> Stirland -> Hodgers (fashion clothes) -> Turpins Antiques -> The Edge (hairdressers) -> White Coco (ladies fashion).

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17 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

p3271088 p3271088

Bridge Street, c1905

bridge_st_04 bridge_st_04

- 17 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

- Bridge Street, c1905


1871 (CS) Daniel Clifford (72), labourer
1881 (CS) Mathilda Clifford (78), widow

1891 (Kelly) Francis Batt, hairdresser.
1903 (Kelly) Francis Batt, hairdresser.

?1920s (Ada Beard) Miss Molly Powell – later moved to 15BS.

1939 (Kelly) Albert F. Perdue, motor car proprietor.
1939 (Blacket's) E.H. Perdue

1940s "Empty for years"

1958 Bought by Sam Stirland
1963 Conversion to Stirland's Garage, along with 18BS and 19BS.

1992-1996 Converted to separate shop: Hodgers of Hungerford, ladies fashion clothes. Opened Apr 1992, moved from 20 Bridge Street. Run by two sisters, Lynn Duff and Julia Smith. Closed May 1996.

1996 Turpins Antiques (closed 2012)

2012 Aug: The Edge (hairdressers) opened. Closed Jun 2015.

2016 Mar: White Coco (ladies fashion) opened.