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Earliest information: 1732
Original estate: Priory of St. John
Common Rights? No
Date of current building: 18th century
Grade II Listed

Thumbnail History:

All the properties on the "island" [1-7 Bridge Street] stand on land that was previously the Priory of St. John the Baptist, which had been established in 1232, and was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1548. In 1740 a new road incorporating two bridges was built for easier access to town from Charnham Street, replacing old road in front of Riverside House and through the ford across the River Dun (by Forge Cottage).

Description of property:

From Listed Building records: House, now house and shop. 17th century re-fronted 19th century. Slate roof. Painted stucco with eaves cornice. 3 storeys. 2 glazing bar sashes, 20th century shop front with door recessed to right. Continuous with No. 4 (q.v.)

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- North end of Bridge Street, c1910

- 5 Bridge Street, Mar 2007

- Bridge St Antiques, 5 Bridge Street, Aug 2014

- Luna boutique, 5 Bridge Street, Mar 2018.


1232: Priory of St. John the Baptist built on the "island".
1548: Priory of St. John dissolved by Henry VIII
1732: (See Inventory of William Biggs, tallow chandler under 7 BS. He definitely had ownership of 6BS and 7BS, but in view of the extensive property listed in the inventory, he probably owned the whole area now occupied by 5 BS, 6BS and 7BS.)
1740: New road and two bridges built for easier access to town from Charnham Street, replacing the old road in front of the Tannery (stood to rear of Riverside house) and the ford (by Forge Cottage)

1851 (CS) ?William Hines (64) (builder)

1861 (CS#7) George Hives (27) Chemist & druggist.

1867 Advert in NWN 20 Jun 1867 for various remedies by F G Hall, Chemist & Druggist, Bridge Street, Hungerford. (It is not yet confirmed that he was in 5 Bridge Street). Another advert from NWN 5 Sep 1867.

1871 (CS) ?William Taylor (chemist)

1891 (KD) Freeman Brothers (tobacconists, fishing tackle, fancy dealers, collector of assessed & income taxes). (Mr. E.L. Davis "Jim", 12 Canal Walk) Freemans was initially run by Mr. & Mrs. Freeman, specialised in fishing tackle, produced books of local views - his lithographic series in 1903 & his photographic series in 1910. Later business run by their two daughters, Miss Emily & Miss Edith. Both fished, tied own flies & were experts on wild flowers. Before their retirement, sublet 5BS as Red Stores.(source: Mills sisters: Elsie and Minnie, 9 Croft Villa).

1939 (KD) Freeman Bros. (tobacconists 6BS)

1939 (KD) Red Stores - sublet to Arthur Lesser

19?? (Mr. Jim Davis) sublet to Mr. Turner, owner of Hungerford Laundry, as laundry reception

1966 Mr. & Mrs. Ray & Jan Baigent bought 5 BS first , then 6 BS from Mr. Whiting ("Children's Shop" - clothing) Lived in flat above 5BS.
1978 Children's Shop - clothes
198? Children's Shop closed. Mrs. Baigent then opened "Options" (florist) in 5BS.

Mar 2008: "Options", designer florist closed (Baigents had traded there for 42 years. Still living above)

Sep 2009: "Emma Johnson Shoes" (occ) - closed Apr 2011

Aug 2011: "Kenda Fashions" (occ) - opened 13.8.2011. Closed Nov 2013.

Jul 2014: "Bridge St Antiques"

Nov 2016: "Oil Gallery" - art gallery (Justin Cook).
Jan 2018: "Oil Gallery" closed, and moved to 167 Battersea High Street, London.

May 2018: Luna boutique opened (having moved from 115 High Street).
Jun 2021: Luna Boutique closed (moved to larger premises in Northbrook Street, Newbury).