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[This article is based on material sent by Dr Jimmy Whittaker, Jan 2020]

The Hungerford Chamber of Commerce today is a progressive Hungerford organisation which has been in existence for over 25years. It seeks to create a shared platform between Hungerford-based businesses and their owners together with Hungerford Town Council, West Berkshire Council, Town Team Hungerford, The Town and Manor of Hungerford and other groups with a vested interest in the area including local organisations and community partnerships.

The main aims of the Chamber of Commerce are:
- To promote and provide links and opportunities between local businesses through regular informal meetings.
- To promote Hungerford, as a commercial and retail centre.
- To encourage inward investment.
- To represent the views, concerns and needs of local businesses including local retailers.
- To host business and social functions which bring the local business community together such as the Victorian Extravaganza.
- The chamber has produced a series of pamphlets for visitors:
- Love Hungerford, a general introduction to Hungerford.
- Relax Hungerford, where to stay and eat in Hungerford
- Walk Hungerford, a couple of short circular walks from Hungerford town centre.

During the summer months, many visitors come to Hungerford merely to look at the shops in the High Street and Bridge Street. Many of these premises have changed in occupation and services provided over the years, and are now specialist shops.

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