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Earliest information: 1671
Original Manor: Hungerford Engleford
Common Rights? Yes (Frontage 66ft + 58ft = 124ft; 6 horses or 12 cows)
Date of current building:
Listed? No

Thumbnail History:

Oram -> Clark -> Fullbrook -> Earle (ironmongers) -> Hawkes -> Clifford -> Dopson (drapers) -> Various

Description of property:

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19860100 127-128 High Street 19860100 127-128 High Street

- Earle's, 127 High Street, c1902

- Advert for G J Hawkes, c1910 [from Berkshire by Pen and Camera]

- Dopson's (closed), 127 High Street, c1934

- Liptons & Southern Electricity, 127 High Street, c1970

- Help the Aged and Newbury District Council office, May 1981.

- The gates leading to the rear of 127 High Street, July 1981.

- The bollard in the gateway, 127 High Street, July 1981.

- Carpenters, 127 High Street, c1982

- Perusal Peruvian Clothing, Mar 1985.

- Advert for Carpenter's, c1985

- Carpenters and Wessex Gifts, 127-128 High Street, Jan 1986.

- The Natural Fabric Co, 1992

- In-House and Newbury Building Society, Sep 1992.

- Press report on opening of The Clockmaker, 2003

- Newbury Building Society celebrates 20 years in Hungerford, Feb 2006

- 127 High Street, Mar 2007

- The Clockmaker on the cover of The Adviser, 7th Dec 2007

- Advert for The Clockmaker in The Adviser, 7th Dec 2007

- Newbury Building Society refurbished, NWN 28th May 2008

- Mac Hair Salon, Apr 2012

- Megabet, 25 Sep 2017

- Helping Hands care agency, 127c High Street (22 Feb 2020)


1671-5 (Norman Hidden) This property was copyhold to Elizabeth Oram, widow of Thomas Oram (d. 1670 – D.S. admin, no will) 1671-5. In 1682 widow Oram died.

1680 (Norman Hidden) In the 1680 H.C.B. William Oram appears in the Commoners' List (by position). Grace, wife of William Oram, died 1682, and in 1690 William Oram died.

1770 (Norman Hidden) D.C.W. will dated July 1770 (probate Nov 1771) Henry Clark ironmonger leaves to his son Harry Clark "all that messuage situate in Hungerford Berks, with ½ acre of meadow in Woodmarsh, being copyhold, held under James Smith esq. Lord of the Manor, and my son Harry being next names in the copy.". Harry Clarke was born 1741, son of Henry and Ann Clark.

The reference to James Smith esq as Lord of the Manor is not quite clear at present, as the V.C.H. states that the manor was bought by Matthew Loder. In his PCC will dated May 1672 (probate November 1763), Matthew Loder leaves all his manors etc. in Hungerford to Mr Samuel Smith (husband of Loder's daughter Frances) for life, and after his death the manor was given to Samuel's son and Loder's grandson, Loder Smith, for ever. The reference to James Smith may be an inaccurate transcription of the name Samuel Smith? According to the V.C.H. Matthew Loder renounced his right in this estate in 1771 in favour of his son Matthew Loder Smith.

1777 (Norman Hidden Commoners' List) John Fullbrook

1781 (Norman Hidden Commoners' List) Mrs ? Fullbrook.

1811 (Norman Hidden) Enclosure Act claims M.L. Smith esq. as Lord of the manor. It includes:
- (?25HS) Copyhold – reversionary interest in messuage in which the Misses Robinson live, being copyhold for the life of Thos. Robinson.
- (?) Copyhold tenement now occupied as 2 tens. Held by life of J. Bear
- (?121HS) Tenement in own occupation
- (?) Tenement in occupation of ..Shepherd, widow.
- (?119HS) Tenement in occupation John Bance
- (?) Tenement in occupation Henry Clements

1819 (Enclosure Award Map) Un-named

Earle's Stores, c1830-c1913:

1830 Probable date when Earle's Stores opened.

See: Earle's Stores Ledger, 1830. (from Stewart Hofgartner)

1841 (CS) George Earle (35) - ironmonger.
1843 (Commoners' List) George Earle
1844 (PD) George Earle - ironmonger, brazier, tinplate worker, locksmith, bellhanger, oil and colourman.
1847 (Commoners' List) George Earle (owner & occ).
1847 (Norman Hidden) Mentioned in deeds of 128HS (D/Elm T7) as on south side of present day 128. It is described as a messuage / dwelling house and garden belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Hilary, widow, now in occupation of G. Earle ironmonger. This property was originally part of the Hungerford Englefield manor, one of a block of three or four houses at this part of High Street (sites no 127, 126, 125, 124).
1851 (CS) George Earle (47), ironmonger.
1861 (Commoners' List) George Earle
1869 (PO) George Earle - ironmonger. Also Misses Sarah & Emma Jane Earle, Day & Boarding School, HS (? number).
1871 (CS) George Earle.

1881 (CS) Reynolds Richard Earle (46) - ironmonger.
1891 (KD) Reynolds Richard Earle
1896 (Commoners' List) Reynolds Richard Earle
1902 (T&M Register) Reynolds Richard Earle (owner)
1903 (KD) George Hawkes - ironmonger.
1903 (T&M Register) Reynolds Richard Earle (occupier until 1913).

Other ironmoner's, 1913-1927:

1914 (Commoners' List) Trustees of Reynolds Richard Earle (owner) - John Joseph Hawkes (occupant). [See record of 126HS also]
1914 (T&M Register) George Joseph Hawkes (occupier until 1927; void 1928)

1920 (Kelly's Directory) Louis Clifford ironmonger.

Uncertain use, 1927-1935:

1928 (DD 127 HS, HHA archives): Hawkes & Hall sold 127 HS to WR Squire, WL Squire and P Squire for £950

1929 T&M Register) Arthur Willie Glover (occupier until 1935; void 1936-37)

Dopson owner, Wessex Electricity Company:

1936 (*3) Ernest W. Dopson - drapers (127 & 5 HS). Geoffrey Raymond Dopson lived above shop on north side,

1937 (DD 127 HS, HHA archives): WR Squire, WL Squire and P Squire sold to Ernest William Dopson (of 5 High Street) for £1,000.

1937 (DD 127 HS, HHA archives): Ernest William Dopson leased 127 High Street (shop and room over the passage) to the Wessex Electricity Company for 21 years.

1938 (T&M Register) William John Bambridge (occupier)
1939 (Blacket's) Wessex Electricity Company
- E.W. Dopson, fancy goods and babies' outfitters
- F. Kerley, dentist
- W.J. Bambridge, MRCVS, veterinary surgeon (flat above)
1939 (T&M Register) H J Hulke)
1940 (T&M Register) Mrs Marjorie Hulke (occupier until ?1941)

1942 T&M Register) A E Baldock (occupier)
1947 (Commoners' List) Alfred Edwin Baldock.

4 Jan 1950 (DD 127a HS, HHA archives): Ernest Dopson died.

1952 (Commoners' List) Void.

7 Jul 1953 (DD 127a HS, HHA archives): 127a sold by executors of Ernest Dopson (Phyllis Eileen Prideaux of Warminster and Vere Marguerite Andrews of 44 High Street Hungerford) to Southern Electricity Board for £4,000.

Undated (T&M Register) Ernest William Dopson (owner)

1956 (Commoners' List) Geoffrey Raymond Dopson.
1963 (Commoners' List) Geoffrey Raymond Dopson.
<1968 (T&M Register) Geoffrey Raymond Dopson & occupier)

1968 (Commoners' List) Geoffrey Raymond Dopson
1968 Dopson moved to 5 High Street

1969 (T&M Register) Allied Suppliers Ltd (owners)

19?? (Mrs May Marks) Mr. Greenstreet - manager/owner ? ironmonger

1970 (Commoners' List) No entry!
- Frank Kerley - dentist (on north side, 127)
- Wessex Electricity Co Ltd (on south side, 127a)

? (Geoffrey Dopson) Library here, at north end and at rear, prior to Church Street (1967).

1976 (Commoners' List) Void.

1968-77 Liptons Supermarket + Southern Electricity Board.
1976 (Commoners' List) Void

1977 Help the Aged.

1978 Newbury District Council
- Help the Aged Gift Shop

1982? Carpenters (Shergolds) - Hardware/DIY, occupiers of north end, 127a. Closed 1993.

1983 (Commoners' List) Void – Wessex Place

1983 Newbury District Council office, middle.
- Wessex Gifts (John & Brenda Newton). Closed 1985, became Newbury Building Society.
1984 (Commoners' List) Void
1985 (Commoners' List) Void

1986 Newbury Building Society

1993 Carpenters - Hardware/DIY closed. Remained empty until Dec 1994.
- Newbury District Council office.

Dec 1994 Sold by ?..? to Omall & Lyons, antique dealers called "Fanny's" – several dealers selling within open shop floor. Name changed to "Labyrinth Antiques" c.1998.

<1995 Fanny's Antiques

1998 Labyrinth Antiques

1999 Victoria's Bedroom (Angela Wallbank and husband – moved from 4 BS). Closed ?2005, and stood empty for some months.

2000 (Commoners' List) Christine Fielding (member of Newbury BS staff)
2005 (Commoners' List) Valerie Troke

2006 Conversion to two shop premises:

- South: "Deep" Clothes and fashion shop
- North: Stan James bookmakers, moved from 18 HS in Feb 2006.

?2008 Conversion the three shop premises:

2008 (a) Newbury Building Society
- (South) West Berkshire Council. Moved to new library in Church Street Jan 2008.
- (Centre) Deep
- Upstairs – "Freeman's House" Greatworth Properties (Charlie Woodhead)
- (North) Stan James

2011 (Commoners' List) Void
2011 (Aug) Deep closed.

Mar 2012 Mac Hair salon opened in (c) middle unit on 22 Mar 2012. Owner Emma McElhone. See "New salon opens in Hungerford", NWN 29.3.2012.
2016 (Commoners' List) Void

2017 ?Aug. (North) Stan James changed to Megabet.

Jan 2019: Mac Hair closed in (c) middle unit.

Feb 2020: Helping Hands care agency opened in (c) middle unit.

Detached premises in the yard:

1985 Perusal Peruvian clothing.

2003 The Clockmaker, Chris Bessent.

See also:

Earle's Stores Ledger, 1830. (from Stewart Hofgartner)

- "Dealers snap up shop" - Press report on lease of 127a to Omell and Lyons, 6.1.1995

- "New salon opens in Hungerford", NWN 29.3.2012.