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Dr David Cave and his wife Pat moved to Hungerford in 2015. He is a retired GP who has a keen interest in both local history and in photography.

One of the many projects he developed was a plan to make a photographic archive of all the businesses in Hungerford in the year 2016-2019.

The main collection of 244 photographs (taken in 2016) is in this Photo Gallery.

The additional collection of 31 photographs (from 2017-2019) is available here.

Together, they make a wonderful record of the town at this time.

He kindly presented the entire collection to the HHA, and we are pleased to make it available here.

With the photographs, he presented his cross referenced index of all the businesses. This should be used in conjunction with the photos.

Photo Gallery:

A&M Electirics ...
A&M Electirics -179 A&M Electirics -179
A4 Hire 160
A4 Hire 160 A4 Hire 160
Abley Letchford...
Abley Letchford-374 Abley Letchford-374
Ad Hoc-296
Ad Hoc-296 Ad Hoc-296
Ambitron & Smar...
Ambitron & Smart k-236 Ambitron & Smart k-236
Amtecs-418 Amtecs-418
Angela Knight18...
Angela Knight186 Angela Knight186
Antiques Centre...
Antiques Centre134 Antiques Centre134
Arab Horse Soc-...
Arab Horse Soc-420 Arab Horse Soc-420
Ashby-406 Ashby-406
Ashley Brow Bar...
Ashley Brow Bar109 Ashley Brow Bar109
Barclays Bank-2...
Barclays Bank-253 Barclays Bank-253
Barr's Yard (2)...
Barr's Yard (2) 162 Barr's Yard (2) 162
Barr's Yard168
Barr's Yard168 Barr's Yard168
Barrs Yard (3)-...
Barrs Yard (3)-416 Barrs Yard (3)-416
Bart Joinery-36...
Bart Joinery-361 Bart Joinery-361
Bella Vita-410
Bella Vita-410 Bella Vita-410
Belle Chic-Tria...
Belle Chic-Trial-288 Belle Chic-Trial-288
Below Stairs 2-...
Below Stairs 2-289 Below Stairs 2-289
Below Stairs136
Below Stairs136 Below Stairs136
Ben's Garage-36...
Ben's Garage-360 Ben's Garage-360
Berkshire Label...
Berkshire Labels-267 Berkshire Labels-267
Bermad UK-363
Bermad UK-363 Bermad UK-363
Bespoke Cake Co...
Bespoke Cake Co.037 Bespoke Cake Co.037
Blue Cross -026
Blue Cross -026 Blue Cross -026
Bookshop -088
Bookshop -088 Bookshop -088
Borough Arms-28...
Borough Arms-285 Borough Arms-285
Bow House153
Bow House153 Bow House153
Bowling Club-30...
Bowling Club-305 Bowling Club-305
Bradys Cafe-270
Bradys Cafe-270 Bradys Cafe-270
Bridge Street A...
Bridge Street Antiques 033 Bridge Street Antiques 033
Brit. Legion-28...
Brit. Legion-286 Brit. Legion-286
British Red Cro...
British Red Cross161 British Red Cross161
Bus times 305
Bus times 305 Bus times 305
Bus to New 306
Bus to New 306 Bus to New 306
Canal view-337
Canal view-337 Canal view-337
Cappacino 304
Cappacino 304 Cappacino 304
CDK Glob. 303
CDK Glob. 303 CDK Glob. 303
CGS garage serv...
CGS garage services-382 CGS garage services-382
Chanelle-338 Chanelle-338
Charnham Lane L...
Charnham Lane List-356 Charnham Lane List-356
Chestnut Walk-4...
Chestnut Walk-414 Chestnut Walk-414
Chilton Estate-...
Chilton Estate-274 Chilton Estate-274
Chinese Food 08...
Chinese Food 083 Chinese Food 083
CHR Hanson-265
CHR Hanson-265 CHR Hanson-265
Church Lane den...
Church Lane dental142 Church Lane dental142
Clean 2 Clean 1...
Clean 2 Clean 166 Clean 2 Clean 166
Closed Shop 097
Closed Shop 097 Closed Shop 097
Co-op-009 Co-op-009
Cobbs 307
Cobbs 307 Cobbs 307
Coco & Co-243
Coco & Co-243 Coco & Co-243
Colvett-268 Colvett-268
Cong. Church-22...
Cong. Church-224 Cong. Church-224
Connisons-388 Connisons-388
Cooper & Cooper...
Cooper & Cooper 087 Cooper & Cooper 087
Courtyard167 Courtyard167
Coversure-184 Coversure-184
CPI-366 CPI-366
Croft Field Not...
Croft Field Notice146 Croft Field Notice146
Croft Hall144
Croft Hall144 Croft Hall144
Crossfit-379 Crossfit-379
Crown Needlewor...
Crown Needlework163 Crown Needlework163
Curotec-264 Curotec-264
David Watson Ho...
David Watson Homes-263 David Watson Homes-263
Delta Impact-31...
Delta Impact-318 Delta Impact-318
DHC Solicitors-...
DHC Solicitors-227 DHC Solicitors-227
Dick Lovett BMW...
Dick Lovett BMW-297 Dick Lovett BMW-297
Dick Lovett min...
Dick Lovett minis131 Dick Lovett minis131
Digga-365 Digga-365
Down Gate Inn-2...
Down Gate Inn-276 Down Gate Inn-276
DTT-364 DTT-364
Eddington's-316 Eddington's-316
Eddington dist....
Eddington dist.-190 Eddington dist.-190
Eden Baking 081
Eden Baking 081 Eden Baking 081
Eliane-252 Eliane-252
Ellie Dickins17...
Ellie Dickins174 Ellie Dickins174
Emporium-342 Emporium-342
Empty in Teal-3...
Empty in Teal-334 Empty in Teal-334
Ergo-417 Ergo-417
Euro Blend-405
Euro Blend-405 Euro Blend-405
Fare Wise Trave...
Fare Wise Travel 093 Fare Wise Travel 093
Fire Station-34...
Fire Station-344 Fire Station-344
Fish & Chips-25...
Fish & Chips-255 Fish & Chips-255
Fisher German12...
Fisher German120 Fisher German120
Framemakers-247 Framemakers-247
Fuel Cell Sl-18...
Fuel Cell Sl-186 Fuel Cell Sl-186
Furr & Co 032
Furr & Co 032 Furr & Co 032
Gentleman's Hai...
Gentleman's Hairdresser 094 Gentleman's Hairdresser 094
Geoffrey Church...
Geoffrey Church-229 Geoffrey Church-229
Great Grooms151
Great Grooms151 Great Grooms151
Heartwood-177 Heartwood-177
Herongate leisu...
Herongate leisure-259 Herongate leisure-259
Hidden River-24...
Hidden River-248 Hidden River-248
Howards Pet Car...
Howards Pet Care147 Howards Pet Care147
Humphries (1)-2...
Humphries (1)-277 Humphries (1)-277
Humphries sign-...
Humphries sign-278 Humphries sign-278
Hun. Foot 301
Hun. Foot 301 Hun. Foot 301
Hun. Garden Mac...
Hun. Garden Mach.-376 Hun. Garden Mach.-376
Hun. Leisure 29...
Hun. Leisure 298 Hun. Leisure 298
Hun. RFC. 300
Hun. RFC. 300 Hun. RFC. 300
Hun. Rose.121
Hun. Rose.121 Hun. Rose.121
Hun Bookcase-31...
Hun Bookcase-315 Hun Bookcase-315
Hun Butcher 007
Hun Butcher 007 Hun Butcher 007
Hun Chiropracte...
Hun Chiropracter-250 Hun Chiropracter-250
Hun Club 022
Hun Club 022 Hun Club 022
Hung archade-22...
Hung archade-223 Hung archade-223
Hungerford Arms...
Hungerford Arms133 Hungerford Arms133
Hungerford Jewe...
Hungerford Jewellers156 Hungerford Jewellers156
Hungerford Keba...
Hungerford Kebab107 Hungerford Kebab107
Hungerford Prim...
Hungerford Primary-415 Hungerford Primary-415
Hun Haberd-407
Hun Haberd-407 Hun Haberd-407
Hun Nails 084
Hun Nails 084 Hun Nails 084
Hun Service Ctr...
Hun Service Ctr 143 Hun Service Ctr 143
Hun Surgery(143...
Hun Surgery(143) Hun Surgery(143)
Hypertec-269 Hypertec-269
Icefree-368 Icefree-368
ijm 297
ijm 297 ijm 297
Infant School14...
Infant School145 Infant School145
Inklings-240 Inklings-240
John Lewis of H...
John Lewis of Hungerford149 John Lewis of Hungerford149
John O Gaunt-33...
John O Gaunt-333 John O Gaunt-333
John O School 2...
John O School 299 John O School 299
Kaleidoscope 08...
Kaleidoscope 082 Kaleidoscope 082
Kennet Tyre-381
Kennet Tyre-381 Kennet Tyre-381
Kerridge-262 Kerridge-262
Kerridge Financ...
Kerridge Financial (2)-271 Kerridge Financial (2)-271
Kimmer Antiques...
Kimmer Antiques-225 Kimmer Antiques-225
Kitchen monger-...
Kitchen monger-222 Kitchen monger-222
Knight Frank & ...
Knight Frank & Co.152 Knight Frank & Co.152
L.J.Smith-230 L.J.Smith-230
Leave Campaign1...
Leave Campaign141 Leave Campaign141
Legends Hair-22...
Legends Hair-226 Legends Hair-226
Leverton 308
Leverton 308 Leverton 308
Libby Blakey-21...
Libby Blakey-213 Libby Blakey-213
Little Rainbows...
Little Rainbows 318 Little Rainbows 318
Living Art100
Living Art100 Living Art100
Luna164 Luna164
M.G.Dods 031
M.G.Dods 031 M.G.Dods 031
Mac Hair105
Mac Hair105 Mac Hair105
Maningford Crof...
Maningford Croft171 Maningford Croft171
Marc Allen170
Marc Allen170 Marc Allen170
Martin and Magp...
Martin and Magpie-340 Martin and Magpie-340
Martins 006
Martins 006 Martins 006
Methodist Churc...
Methodist Church-123 Methodist Church-123
Mint-307 Mint-307
Miss185 Miss185
Mojo & mcoy-214
Mojo & mcoy-214 Mojo & mcoy-214
Monagues Hair-2...
Monagues Hair-234 Monagues Hair-234
Moonlight-254 Moonlight-254
MP Hardware-291
MP Hardware-291 MP Hardware-291
MP Hardware ele...
MP Hardware elect-290 MP Hardware elect-290
Mr. Fry Fish & ...
Mr. Fry Fish & C-232 Mr. Fry Fish & C-232
My dentistl-181
My dentistl-181 My dentistl-181
Nationwide137 Nationwide137
Nat West-346
Nat West-346 Nat West-346
New Beginnings1...
New Beginnings138 New Beginnings138
Newbury Buildin...
Newbury Building Society104 Newbury Building Society104
New Hayward F-1...
New Hayward F-188 New Hayward F-188
NFU-386 NFU-386
No.34 Objets d'...
No.34 Objets d'art130 No.34 Objets d'art130
Nye & Co165
Nye & Co165 Nye & Co165
Omicron-378 Omicron-378
One Stop-413
One Stop-413 One Stop-413
Orange Key2-185
Orange Key2-185 Orange Key2-185
Ossie-314 Ossie-314
Paelleros Direc...
Paelleros Direct-377 Paelleros Direct-377
Parish boundary...
Parish boundary140 Parish boundary140
Parsons179 Parsons179
PBA Accountants...
PBA Accountants110 PBA Accountants110
Perfectly Posh-...
Perfectly Posh-287 Perfectly Posh-287
Peter Stirland-...
Peter Stirland-359 Peter Stirland-359
Pharmacy103 Pharmacy103
Planet-384 Planet-384
Police Station-...
Police Station-275 Police Station-275
Post Office Bui...
Post Office Building157 Post Office Building157
Public Library ...
Public Library 2-086 Public Library 2-086
Railway Tavern-...
Railway Tavern-Trial-192 Railway Tavern-Trial-192
Ratnamss-349 Ratnamss-349
RCP parking-237
RCP parking-237 RCP parking-237
Reeves & Green-...
Reeves & Green-345 Reeves & Green-345
Richard Greenly...
Richard Greenly-385 Richard Greenly-385
Roger King134
Roger King134 Roger King134
Rose of H-336
Rose of H-336 Rose of H-336
Ross Brooke-375
Ross Brooke-375 Ross Brooke-375
Ross Brooke-404
Ross Brooke-404 Ross Brooke-404
Roxtons 2-011
Roxtons 2-011 Roxtons 2-011
Russell Marshal...
Russell Marshall-251 Russell Marshall-251
Sapphire Fab-40...
Sapphire Fab-403 Sapphire Fab-403
Sarah Styles 03...
Sarah Styles 035 Sarah Styles 035
Saxon 2-313
Saxon 2-313 Saxon 2-313
Saxon145 Saxon145
Serendipity 2-1...
Serendipity 2-127 Serendipity 2-127
Shell Garage-21...
Shell Garage-212 Shell Garage-212
Shisi-358 Shisi-358
Smart Kids-235
Smart Kids-235 Smart Kids-235
Snippits-231 Snippits-231
Squires 2-102
Squires 2-102 Squires 2-102
St. Yard List-2...
St. Yard List-293 St. Yard List-293
Stan James106
Stan James106 Stan James106
Stevana-315 Stevana-315
Stirland Tyres-...
Stirland Tyres-383 Stirland Tyres-383
Styles silver 2...
Styles silver 2-242 Styles silver 2-242
Sun Inn 2-348
Sun Inn 2-348 Sun Inn 2-348
Sun Inn dusk 00...
Sun Inn dusk 005 Sun Inn dusk 005
Swedish Room-12...
Swedish Room-128 Swedish Room-128
Swift Cleaners ...
Swift Cleaners 091 Swift Cleaners 091
Tecknetics-367 Tecknetics-367
Temenos-310 Temenos-310
Tesco178 Tesco178
Texaco154 Texaco154
The Barn163
The Barn163 The Barn163
The Bear 218
The Bear 218 The Bear 218
The Clockmaker1...
The Clockmaker139 The Clockmaker139
The Hidden Rive...
The Hidden River 095 The Hidden River 095
The Naked Grape...
The Naked Grape172 The Naked Grape172
Thermatec-308 Thermatec-308
The Rose 121
The Rose 121 The Rose 121
The Swedish Roo...
The Swedish Room149 The Swedish Room149
The Tally Ho -2...
The Tally Ho -272 The Tally Ho -272
Thornton's-355 Thornton's-355
Three Swans Hot...
Three Swans Hotel 131 Three Swans Hotel 131
Tomorrow's Guid...
Tomorrow's Guides-309 Tomorrow's Guides-309
Trading Estate ...
Trading Estate List-362 Trading Estate List-362
Train-280 Train-280
Training Academ...
Training Academy-260 Training Academy-260
Travis Perkins-...
Travis Perkins-380 Travis Perkins-380
Triteq -312
Triteq -312 Triteq -312
TSB-306 TSB-306
Tutti Pole183
Tutti Pole183 Tutti Pole183
Universal Netwo...
Universal Networks-387 Universal Networks-387
UPS-419 UPS-419
Veterinary Hosh...
Veterinary Hoshital-320 Veterinary Hoshital-320
Vision Express1...
Vision Express138 Vision Express138
Vislink-357 Vislink-357
Wedding present...
Wedding presents-266 Wedding presents-266
Wednesday Mkt.1...
Wednesday Mkt.151 Wednesday Mkt.151
Westfield-311 Westfield-311
White Coco 099
White Coco  099 White Coco  099
White Horse150
White Horse150 White Horse150
William Cook101
William Cook101 William Cook101
Wyedale -208
Wyedale -208 Wyedale -208
X 20 Bus133
X 20 Bus133 X 20 Bus133
Youlls Antiques...
Youlls Antiques129 Youlls Antiques129