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Patricia Thomas (Director Postgraduate Studies, Institute of Communication Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand) kindly contacted (in 2011) the Virtual Museum regarding a poster printed by W Franklin, Printers and Booksellers of 2 Bridge Street, in June 1840. (See Photo Gallery below).

It was advertising a meeting at the White Hart Inn in Charnham Street, when the Directors of the New Zealand Company would receive applications from "sober and industrious mechanics and labourers" for free passage to emigrate to New Zealand.

It is not yet known how many Hungerford men (and women) took up the offer.

Much more information on this topic can be found in "English Emigration to New Zealand 1839-1850", by Dr Paul Hudson, 2001.

This voluntary emigration to New Zealand is in marked contrast to the deportation of five Hungerford men to Australia just 10 years earlier following the Agricultural "Swing" Riots of November 1830.

Photo Gallery:

1840 Emigration...
1840 Emigration to New Zealand 1840 Emigration to New Zealand

- Poster advertising a meeting at The White Hart Inn, Hungerford for men interested in Free Passage to New Zealand, June 1840. From New Zealand Company Scrapbook, 208/291 68, National Archives, London.

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