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Samuel Hawkes, was a photographer, hairdresser and tobacconist in 3 & 4 High Street (now the Tutti Pole Tea Shop) between c1881 and c1920.

He was also agent for Sutton & Co., carriers.
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Samuel Hawkes tobacconist shop
on right c1895
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Mrs Annie Andrews
[S Hawkes]
Hawkes 02aw

Mrs Annie Andrews
[S Hawkes]
Hawkes 03aw

John ..?.., Oct 1882
[S Hawkes]
Hawkes 04aw

George Edward Allen, born 2nd Dec 1881
Portrait taken 7 Sep 1882
[S Hawkes]
Hawkes 05aw
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Rev Anstice
(Vicar of Hungerford, 1866-94)
[S Hawkes]

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