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Price Family
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A flavour of life in Hungerford in the Victorian period can be gleaned from the Obituary of Mr Enos Price, who ran a coaching business to Hungerford in the mid 19th century. There is also an article entitled "Reminiscent of the Old Coaching Days", relating to Enos' older brother Zebedee Price.

Jim Wildhaber kindly added by email (Mar 2011):

"You might like to have the attached photograph of  Enos Price which was taken towards the end of his life.

His obituary is  misleading in that it gives the impression that he retired immediately after  giving up farming. There was a gap of 20 to 25 years in between.

In 1877 he was  living in Hungerford and was "Goods Agent for Great Western and Hants &  Berks Extension".


Enos Price
(Kindly sent by Jim Wildhaber)

In 1879 he was living in High Street, Hungerford, with  the occupation of innkeeper.  My mother told us that her grandfather had,  at one time, been the licensee of the Craven Arms in which case his  tenure can only have been for a very short time as by the 1881 census he  was living in London. (It is possible that this was where he lost his  license for serving watered gin. It appears that his wife liked  her tipple and used to replace what she had taken with water so that Enos didn't  know that she was helping herself to the stock.)

He was still in London in  1891, but by 1895 he was at the Bruce's Arms, Easton Royal, and his occupation  was given as "Innkeeper and Coach Proprietor" (Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire  for 1895, Page 101).  The Z Price in the other article is his older brother  Zebedee."

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Updated: 10.3.2011

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